Turtlelog No. 7, www.TheGreatStory.org

"Passion for Life"
Events at UNITY & NEW THOUGHT Churches

Rev. Michael Dowd at New Thought Unity Center, Cincinnati

Commentary by Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd

Among the largest religious gatherings in which Michael has delivered Sunday sermons (or lessons) this year have been two Unity congregations. In September at New Thought Unity Center of Cincinnati, his topic at both morning services was "The Universe Story," facilitated by Jeffrey Weidner (lower right) and in collaboration with home minister Rev. Doris Hoskins (upper left). The previous month he spoke at both morning services of The Unity Church of Truth, Spokane WA (see photograph below), in collaboration with home minister Rev. Clare Austen. His topic there: "The Marriage of Science and Spirit for Personal & Planetary Well-being. Connie joined in for more in-depth adult education programs that followed the church services.

To view a 2-MINUTE VIDEO CLIP of Michael presenting the Sunday morning lesson at New Thought Unity Center of Cincinnati, click for high band width or low band width or audio only.

Recently, a new title has been Michael's suggestion for Unity / New Thought contexts: "Science, Mysticism, and Passion for Life." A passion for life is a hallmark of Unity services, as shown in the photos below (signer for the hearing impaired and singer join Michael is this image collage.)

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