Turtlelog No. 7, www.TheGreatStory.org

Evolutionary Parables On-Stage

Left: "Pluto Parable" performed by volunteers at workshops at 38 Cameron Place in Boston (top) and at St. Agnes Catholic Church in Dayton OH (bottom). Right:"Ozzie and the Snortlefish" performed by volunteers at Tacoma Center for Spiritual Living, 2003.

Commentary by Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd

Learning The Great Story of 14 billion years of cosmic, planetary, and life evolution need not always be serious. It can also be playful! Whenever we present an hour or longer program, we try to set aside 10 or 15 minutes for an "evolutionary parable." Of the 13 parables on our website, 4 have been rendered into script format. Scripts are so user-friendly that volunteers from the audience can be up and ready to read/act with just a minute of guidance. It is fun to see the actors as surprised by what their character is saying as the audience is! We encourage schools, churches, and families to make use of these downloadable scripts.

You will see in the photo collage above an evolution in the use of scarves for props. "Snortlefish" was performed scarfless in August 2003. Then, in September, while scrounging for props amid the backrooms of St. Agnes Catholic Church, Connie came upon a box of decorated scarves which she immediately put to use: the purple scarf adorns Pluto, and the yellow scarf adorns Mother-Father Sun. Afterward, she purchased discount fabrics and made her own set, shown in the upper left at a November gathering in Boston, at which Icy Comet has draped an icy tail around companion Pluto.

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