Turtlelog No. 7, www.TheGreatStory.org

What's New on Our Website?

Commentary by Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd

In addition to speaking and teaching on The Great Story of 14 billion years of cosmic creativity, Connie Barlow also adds a lot of new material to our website, www.TheGreatStory.org, which has consistently received between 30,000 and 40,000 "hits" per month over the last year.

The website is crucial for our life on the road, telling The Great Story. Instead of having to email separately our program titles and dates of availability to those interested in scheduling us for a talk or workshop, we simply refer them to the targeted pages on the website.

We also view the vast number of educational and inspirational components on this site (written by others as well as ourselves) as our joy and responsibility for furthering a sacred understanding of the evolutionary epic. To help those familiar with our website to periodically visit and easily detect what is new, we've just added a section titled, "What's New?" Because that page will keep changing after we post this second year travel report, we'll include right here the contents of the What's New page, as it stands as of April 2004. Do check out what most interests you!

  • "Let There Be Sight! A Celebration of Convergent Evolution"
  • Mainstream science shows that the epic of evolution is more soundly interpreted as producing forms, functions, and innovations that are in many ways inevitable, thus countering Stephen Jay Gould's contention that the pageant of life is bereft of meaningful patterns. 18 pages of background science (PDF), rich in examples, written by Connie Barlow in June 2003 (revised version posted March 2004).

  • "Seven Post-Biblical Revelations"
  • A 2-page flier in PDF, written by Michael Dowd in September 2003 (revised version posted April 2004). Outlines 7 fundamental truths about the nature of reality destined to impact science, religion, and the humanities. For people of all faiths and philosophical backgrounds.

  • "Coming Home to North America"
  • Four versions (3 for adults, one for kids) of Connie's scripts for learning the 65 million year story of the North American continent in fun, participatory, and reverential ways. Connie developed the first version for her own use in presentations on the road in the summer of 2002. In March 2004 she posted a "how-to" page that allows anyone in North America to select a version right for any size of group in any situation, and to facilitate its unfolding with participant volunteers.

  • "Evolutionary Parables: Scripts for Performing"
  • In 2003, Connie converted 4 of the dozen multi-author parables on our website into PDF-downloadable scripts, thus enabling anyone to facilitate parables performances in groups large and small. Consistently, audiences tell us that this is a favorite part of our Great Story presentations, wherever we go.

  • "Programs by Michael and Connie on their Great Story Tour"
  • Constantly updated and revised, click here for now-illustrated lists of presentation topics, categorized for educational institutions, various faith traditions, and others.

  • "Annotated Timeline of Cosmic Evolution"
  • A 23-page document in PDF, which makes our 14 billion year timeline easily downloadable. This is our most accessible version, especially for use in assembling Great Story Beads. You can still access the longer, html version too.

  • "Photos"
  • In addition to finding a host of photographs of people, events, and places taken on tour in our travel reports, we have added a number of pictures of us (some high-res) to our own photos page, suitable for publicity use by organizations who host our events.

  • "Itinerary of Upcoming Events"
  • Constantly updated, here is the best way to see when we will be speaking in your neck of the woods (or prairie, or desert). We also have archived our list of past events.

  • "Sacred Sites of the Great Story"
  • We have finally begun to put a little attention into this part of our website, and are looking for contributors. Check it out and see if you wish to propose adding sites to this list, celebrating 14 billion years of cosmic, planetary, life, and human evolution.

  • "Charts, Maps, Graphics"
  • You will notice by browsing around on this website that a great many pages are now supported by graphics. As well, we have a new section that enables anyone to view and download the charts, maps, and other graphics that we use in our presentations.

  • Online Bookstore
  • Because we give most of our presentations for free, book sales are what allow us to stay alive. While on the road, we offer about 25 titles for sale, only 4 of which were authored by Connie or Michael. We also earn a tiny profit from sales of these same titles on-line, partnered with Amazon.com. Because we offer our own summary of the high points of each book offered, some people enjoy browsing our on-line resources site.

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