North America Charts
used by Connie Barlow

65 million years ago, there was no continent of North America. The shallow "Bearpaw Seaway" divided the land mass into two pieces. The western piece was united with Asia by way of Beringia (a broad land bridge). The eastern half was united to Scandinavia, because the Atlantic Ocean rifting was still quite young, and the ocean narrow. The yellow star marks where a meteor struck 65 million years ago.

Because North America was "born" as a land continent about 63 million years ago, when the uplift rising the young Rocky Mountains had also raised what had been the bottom of the Bearpaw Seaway, one can visualize the Cenozoic Story of the continent in a clock form, with each "minute" representing a million years. Red is Paleocene; dotted green Eocene; blue spots Oligocen; red dots Miocene; yellow Pliocene; blue lines Pleistocene.

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