General Studies / Interdisciplinary College Programs
by Michael Dowd

based on his 2008 book, Thank God for Evolution


LEFT: Dowd at Public Speaking class at Wenatchee Valley College, Washington
CENTER: Dowd at St. Ursula Academy in Sylvania, Ohio
RIGHT: Dowd at United Nations Values Caucus, New York City (PHOTOS of that event)


published in 2008 (Viking/Plume)

Michael's book is endorsed by 6 NOBEL LAUREATES, other scientists,
and religious leaders across the spectrum

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  • Michael Dowd on ABC National News

    Michael Dowd was interviewed at the ABC News affiliate in Austin Texas in 2009 for a program that aired nationally.

  • Michael Dowd on Fox & Friends

    Michael Dowd was interviewed live on the nationwide cable TV program, Fox and Friends (19 July 2009).

  •     Michael Dowd was the keynote speaker for the annual College Day at Texas Wesleyan University, spring 2009.

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    From crumbling economies to collapsing ecosystems, humanity is experiencing an unprecedented global integrity crisis. In a richly illustrated presentation, Michael Dowd sheds light on a wide range of personal, social, political, and economic issues through the prism of global integrity: humanity in right relationship at all levels, from the personal to the planetary. The evolutionary sciences teach us that throughout life's history, a vital trend is chaos catalyzing cooperation in ever-larger systems of interdependence. Dowd proposes that only an evolutionary worldview can help us co-create a just and thriving future at this new, planetary level of interdependence. The talk is based on his landmark book, Thank God for Evolution, which has been endorsed by 6 Nobel Prize-winning scientists and religious leaders across the spectrum.

    ♦ Rev. Dowd and his wife, science writer Connie Barlow, have been called "America's evolutionary evangelists." Since April 2002 they have lived entirely on the road, visiting churches, schools, and spiritual centers across the USA.


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    Michael Dowd's evening program is a dynamic oral, music, and multimedia presentation. He brings his own high-lumen, digital projector with him, as well as a large screen and extension cord. The only equipment he needs from the host facility is a handheld or clip-on microphone and one or two long tables for setting up resources for sale.

    (Requires high-speed internet connection.)



    ♦ "Thank God for Evolution"
       Alternative title: "Religion 2.0: An Evolutionary Mandate"
    In his acclaimed 2008 book, Thank God for Evolution, Michael Dowd proposes two key distinctions that he maintains are crucial for resolving the wrenching struggle between science and religion. In this beautiful and informative digital slide talk, Dowd will demonstrate why these distinctions matter and thus why six Nobel Prize-winning scientists have joined dozens of religious leaders — from Catholics and Quakers to Baptists and Buddhists — in endorsing his book. This program also highlights inspiring long-term and short-term trends in biological and cultural evolution that can help us fulfill the Great Work of our time: co-creating a just and thriving future for our planet, ourselves, and for as many other species as possible.
    ♦ "Beyond Sustainability: A Realistically Inspiring Vision"
    How can a mainstream scientific understanding of this 13.7 billion year old universe inspire hope? Drawing on his 2008 book, Thank God for Evolution (which has been endorsed by 6 Nobel Prize-winning scientists), Michael Dowd explores trends in evolution through which greater complexity, cooperation, and interdependence have emerged over time — even in the face of enormous chaos and breakdowns. Then, looking to the future, Dowd explores how this 'deep-time' perspective offers hope and guidance for moving forward.

    ♦ "A Walk on the Wild Side: Your Brain's Creation Story"

    The human brain is exquisite evidence against "intelligent design." Our brain is far from perfectly engineered to serve the human condition. Rather, it is an amalgam of neurological components that served the survival and reproductive needs of our ancient ancestors, who evolved in settings strikingly different from what we face today. In this richly illustrated talk, Michael Dowd presents, through science and story, the ways in which an understanding of our evolved brain offers guidance for improving our lives and relationships, while opening the door for authentic compassion when we and others go astray. (Based on his acclaimed 2008 book, Thank God for Evolution: How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our World, endorsed by 6 Nobel Prize-winning scientists.)

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    MICHAEL DOWD is the author of Thank God for Evolution (2008, Viking/Plume). During the 1980s and 90s he pastored three United Church of Christ congregations, worked with Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Unity, and Unitarian Universalist leaders throughout the U.S. on environmental issues, and managed municipally funded Sustainable Lifestyle Campaigns on both coasts. A gifted speaker and well-known teacher on the sacred and psychological implications of a science-based cosmology, Michael has addressed more than a thousand secular and religious groups over the past two decades, particulary since Spring 2002, when he and his wife launched their itinerant teaching work. His great joy in life is telling the 14 billion year history of everyone and everything in ways that evoke awe, gratitude, and trust, inspire faith, and empower people to follow the path where their own great joy and the world's great need intersect. NOTE: Michael often speaks to Christian audiences, where he elicits an enthusiastically positive response. Yet he has also spoken to hundreds of groups of atheists and other non-religious groups and received equally positive responses. His 2008 garnered endorsements from six Nobel scientists. He is especially skilled at speaking to audiences of diverse worldviews, such as one might find in a college classroom. In those circumstances, his words appeal to the full range of views: from biblical literalists to atheists. (Click for samples of wide audience appeal.)


    Scheduling Presentations

    Rev. Dowd generally schedules appearances on a region-by-region basis to minimize transportation time, costs, and energy. To learn when Michael will be in your region, click for his YEAR AT A GLANCE ITINERARY.

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