same download code may be shared by up to 3 course co-leaders
  • Leaders Manual (16 pages pdf)
  • Summaries of 38 Episodes (38 pages pdf)
  • Topical Index (13 pages pdf)
  • Guidance for Personal Reflection (15 pages pdf)
  • 38 AUDIOS (38 mp3 audios, 40-65 minutes each, 344 MB total download in 3 zip files)
  • 38 TRANSCRIPTS (6 MB in pdf)
  • 38 STUDY GUIDES (9 MB in pdf)

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We suggest you purchase your Leaders Package now, for the flat rate of $90. You will be given the opportunity to use Paypal for your purchase (or to securely use a credit card if you lack an account with those payment intermediaries).

Up to 3 course co-leaders may share the same download code that your purchase will provide. All 7 components (pdf and mp3) of the Leaders package are easily downloadable, using the code you will purchase.

You will then want to spend some time perusing the Leaders materials in order to determine which of the 38 episodes to use in your course, and how to sequence them.

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1. As soon as you complete your payment online, a WEBPAGE appears onscreen.

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7. Read instructions carefully on that download page. The most important instructions are these:

  • Above in red are links to begin downloading the five .zip files and four pdf files you will need for leading this course in Evolutionary Christianity. Be advised that the zip file containing 18 audios is 158 MB in size, so it may take several minutes to download (or longer if your delivery speed is slow).
  • Once the download is complete, find all files wherever downloads are stored on your computer.
  • Because zip files are folders that have been "compressed" to a smaller file size, when you double click on each zip file to open it, you will see that it instantly produces a FOLDER.


Know that when your PARTICIPANTS go online and purchase their packages, they will be guided by a very similar set of easy purchase and download instructions.

Send them to the following webpage, where they can learn more about this product and make their purchase:

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