Nobel Prize Winning Scientists  
Charles H. Townes, William D. Phillips

Templeton Prize-Winners
Ian Barbour, John Polkinghorne

Leading Christian Professors
Karl W. Giberson, Denis Lamoureux,
Owen Gingerich, Edward B. (Ted) Davis

            Lead Witnesses in the Dover Trial           
John F. Haught, Kenneth R. Miller

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    "Listening to these conversations engendered in me a fuller understanding of my faith. What I learned continues to challenge me to explore more deeply both the Holy Scriptures and the depths of the natural world, i.e., the book of nature."

    — Edward G.


    Note: This "Evolutionary Creation" audioseries is a subset of the 38-episode "Evolutionary Christianity" audioseries



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    "Listening to this conversation was reassuring; one can take comfort in the fact that there is a large group of Christians between faith-rejecting atheists and science-rejecting creationists who have broken down the barrier between science and religion. Karl Giberson explained how science is one way that God reveals truth, and when we find out something true about the world, that truth is sacred. This leads to revelation and a deeper understanding of science enhanced by God."

    — Dana C.


    audio excerpts


    Denis Lamoureux


    Ian Barbour


    Kenneth Miller


    Bill Phillips


    Karl Giberson

    John Haught


    Owen Gingerich


    Ted Davis


    John Polkinghorne


    Charles Townes

    Directions for Course Leaders


    • Core Material: interviews with 10 Evolutionary Creation thought leaders

    • Formats: episodes can be listened to (audio mp3) and read (pdf transcript)

    • Time: each interview is between 40 and 70 minutes in length

    • Audio Quality: each interview was professionally edited for cogency and listener ease

    • Audio Downloads: an access code allows group leaders and learners to download episode audios onto their own computers and mp3 devices

    • Transcript Downloads: the carefully edited and keyword-hotlinked transcripts (in pdf) are unsecured so that teachers and students in classroom situations may highlight and paste entire paragraphs into their own digital documents for use in test questions and student essays


    Sample Study Guide



    • Flexibility: each episode is paired with its own study guide. The unsecured pdf format enables clergy, teachers, and other group leaders to highlight and paste into their own documents precisely those questions they wish to use, in whatever order they choose, and with the freedom to alter the template language

    • Stand-Alone Episodes: each episode is self-standing, so course leaders may sequence them in any order

    • Honoring Diversity: the study guide questions (which are offered episode-by-episode) are carefully written to respect the beliefs and perspectives that participants may bring to their learning experience


    Single-Page Summaries of the Ten Episodes

    Note: This "Evolutionary Creation" audioseries is a subset of the 38-episode "Evolutionary Christianity" audioseries


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    Ian Barbour

    Ted Davis

    Karl Giberson

    Owen Gingerich

    John Haught

    Denis Lamoureux

    Kenneth R. Miller

    William D. Phillips

    John Polkinghorne

    Charles Townes




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    • Guidance for Personal Reflection  (5 pages pdf)
    • 10 AUDIOS  (10 mp3 audios, 35-65 minutes each, 98 MB total download)
    • 10 TRANSCRIPTS  (10 pdf documents, total 165 pages)


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    "I am an avid podcast listener, especially while exercising or doing chores. No other audio series has helped me as much as the Evolutionary Christianity series has.

    For many years I struggled on my own to understand how to integrate my Christian experience with the truth I found in science. I had already read or heard some of the guests, and so was looking forward to those episodes, but the range and caliber of all the guests is impressive. Among them are top-notch academics and leaders in spirituality discussing a topic that was deeply important to me — but almost taboo in my social circles.

    The series as a whole gave me reassurance that I wasn't alone. I encountered an abundance of ideas, perspectives, and paradigms presented in an accessible, engaging conversation. Michael Dowd's warm style and impressive knowledge gave the series a snap and sparkle difficult to match anywhere else."

    — Richard P.


    "Wow! What a great conversation! The ideas which resonated most for me were elevating “The Universe Story” (a great title from a great book) to 'The Cosmic Drama'—I love that.

    As well, the beauty and mystery of an emergent and unfinished Creation: although I’ve contemplated this, John Haught expressed it in a subtle and evocative manner. This is one audio that I need to listen to again and savor the richness of the ideas shared."

    — Don S.