Evolutionize Your Life


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Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow explore how an understanding of our brain's evolutionary heritage can help us thrive despite "mismatched instincts" tempted by "supernormal allurements".    Nov 2012

For an excellent introduction to the overall content of
this dvd, click image below to watch Michael Dowd's
TEDx talk, "Why We Struggle" (filmed May 2012).




  Watch 5-minute previews:

  • "Inspiring Naturalism"

  • "Physical Instincts"

  • "Internet Gaming Addiction"

  • "Your Brain's Creation Story"

  • "Evolution and Infidelity"

  • "Modern Women / Stone-Age Instincts"



  • Advanced Brain     • New Mammalian     • Old Mammalian     • Reptilian


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