Call and Response for Joys and Sorrows
Universalist Unitarian Church of Farmington, MI

READER: This is our sacred time and space.

CONGREGATION: We gather in community

ALL: to renew our spirits, to explore the mystery, and to share our joys and sorrows.

READER: With you I find strength.

CONGREGATION: Together we become bound by love and respect.

READER: With me you can share your deepest self.

CONGREGATION: Together we learn to understand and to forgive.

READER: We share triumphs

CONGREGATION: and they inspire.

READER: We share failures

CONGREGATION: and we share our human nature.

READER: We share joy

CONGREGATION: and it multiplies.

READER: We share sorrow

CONGREGATION: and it begins to lessen.

(Please come forward to share whatever joys or sorrows, of a personal nature, you wish to share with us this morning.)

READER: We light this candle for the unspoken joys and sorrows among us.

SERVICE LEADER: May these lights remind us of the meaning of community and the mission of this congregation.