Providing Home Hospitality
for Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow

Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow have lived entirely on the road since April 2002, sharing an inspiring, pro-science worldview with some 2,000 religious and secular audiences. Our work is possible only through the generosity of countless individuals, families, and organizations who have provided us with home hospitality along the way.

Our needs are minimal:

  • "BEDROOM" IN OUR VAN. We generally prefer to sleep in our van; however, since we sometimes like sleeping indoors, a spare bed is appreciated, though not a necessity. Our Dodge Sprinter van has no temperature control, so we typically only sleep there when night-time temperatures are in the comfort zone: between 35 and 75 degrees F. Our van, which we affectionately call "Angel," is 8 and a half feet tall and 20 feet long (see photo below). We are fine with parking in the driveway or on the street, whichever is best for our hosts. Our van is too tall for most garages and carports.

  • USING YOUR GUEST ROOM AS OUR OFFICE. Our van is not an RV. We do not need power hookup but we do need access to a bathroom, kitchen, and a place to plug in and work on our laptop computers during the day. A guest room where we can set up our laptops and the portable tables we carry with us to create a mini-office is very much appreciated. We do not need internet access, as we have devices that will access a satellite connection, so long as there is a cell phone signal in your neighborhood.

  • NO PET ALLERGIES. Your pets are no problem for us. Indeed, we welcome the opportunity to pet-sit while you are away, as it gives us a chance to enjoy more privacy than usual.

  • NO FOOD ALLERGIES OR AVERSIONS. We are omnivores, but we also gratefully accommodate to a vegetarian household. We are happy to share some meals with you, but you are under no obligation to feed us, nor do we expect that you will. For short stays, we appreciate simply scrounging in your refrigerator and cupboards for a few meals. (We usually have some basic food items with us in a cooler.) For longer stays we will purchase foodstocks and we are happy to prepare our own meals and snacks. Of course, if our hosts offer us a meal or two, we will not refuse!

  • DURATION. The longer we can stay at one location, the better for us. (And housesitting/petsitting is hugely appreciatated, as we rarely have a home to ourselves.) Seasonally, we like to take a 1-2 week-long (or longer) retreat somewhere in which we can spend time by ourselves, in a cabin, second-home, or house- or pet-sitting while the owners are away. In fact, this sort of "retreat time" is so important to us that we sometimes build our speaking engagement schedule around such opportunities. Please let us know if something along these lines might be worked out in the future. Our only requirement for such an abode is electricity and a cell phone signal by which we can use our own devices to connect to the internet.

  • YOU DON'T NEED TO ENTERTAIN US. We pretty much work on our laptop computers all day long and sometimes into the evening, although we also appreciate suggestions for where to take walks in your neighborhood.
  • DIRECTIONS TO YOUR HOME. Because we have a GPS system in our van, those who offer home hospitality usually need do no more than supply us with their full street address and phone numbers (home and cell, if you have one). Please include your zip code too, in case we need to have any of our mail forwarded to your place for our arrival or if we need to schedule a restocking delivery of dvds or books that we sell.


    For last-minute changes or other emergencies, you can contact Michael by phone at his cell: 425-760-9941.

    We thank you in advance for sharing your home or institutional housing with us!

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