Michael Dowd Died October 7, 2023

   • 2023 VIDEO ON YOUTUBE (5 minutes)

Given that Connie learned of her husband's death by the knock of a police officer at her door, Day 1 of being a widow was really tough. But by Day 3, she had found solace and a unusual sense of aliveness by using her geek skills to strengthen Michael's legacy presence online. She produced this video on Day 5.

Do read the full caption to this video, as this is where she reports the basic facts of his sudden death by heart attack and summarizes the topical shifts in his speaking and writing career of three decades.

(The comments posted on the video page are extraordinary; so do look at those, too.)

Videos on the Death Theme by Michael Dowd

   • 2023 VIDEO ON YOUTUBE (30 minutes)

This was Michael's final sermon — and many of us regard it as his best. He died less than two months after this appearance at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Flint, Michigan. Eerily, this sermon brought the topic of death into the foreground. As it was point 2 of a 3-point message:

1. Nurture intimacy with Life
2. Honor your & our mortality
3. Attend to what matters most
Connie says this was not a tragic death. Michael's life was complete. She knows he says, "Amen!"

   • 2018 VIDEO ON YOUTUBE (18 minutes)

Upon hearing of Michael's death, Dean Spillane-Walker posted on his youtube channel the "Death" section of an 8-part video series by Living the Questions. That series was based on video captured in November 2018, while Michael was speaking to a large audience at St. Paul's United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas.

The full video program is titled, "ProFuture Faith: The Prodigal Species Comes Home". A dvd version is available for purchase from the Christian educational organization that filmed and edited it: Living the Questions.

   • 2015 VIDEO ON YOUTUBE (28 minutes)

Guest sermon delivered 2015 at People's Church of Ludington, MI. This is Michael's fullest and most personal rendition of "Death as natural and necessary and no less sacred than life". Following, he leads the congregation in a recitation of a litany written by Connie, "The Gifts of Death." Key references to the wisdom of others (with image overlays) include William R. Catton, Paul Kingsnorth ("Dark Mountain Manifesto") and John Michael Greer. Audios Michael recorded of all three authors are posted on his Soundcloud page - "Michael Dowd: RIP Homo colossus", with table of contents here.

The Legacy of Michael Dowd

   Rev. Jim Hollister, a long-time friend and colleague of Michael Dowd, delivered this sermon at his church, the First Congregational UCC in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He titled his reflections on Dowd's Legacy, "Living Between Denial and Resurrection".

The full church service is available, with the sermon beginning at timecode 26:25, preceded by a prayer. The prayer and sermon set alone is also posted on youtube.

• Recorded February 11, 2024

Michael Dowd: An Overview of His Presentations

   Rev. Michael Dowd is a bestselling eco-theologian and "post doom" advocate whose book, Thank God for Evolution, was endorsed by 6 Nobel Prize-winning scientists, noted skeptics, and by religious leaders across the spectrum.

He has delivered two TEDx talks and a program at the United Nations. He and his wife, Connie Barlow, a science writer and evolutionary educator, have addressed some 3,000 religious and secular groups throughout North America since 2002.

Settled in Ypsilanti, Michigan in 2020, Michael is known today for his leadership in the realm of "post doom", which his website defines as: "A fierce and fearless reverence for life and expansive gratitude — even in the midst of abrupt climate mayhem and the runaway collapse of societal harmony, the health of the biosphere, and business as usual."

Now in his mid-60s, Michael's passion is helping people of all ages and backgrounds understand our predicament in ways that offer clarity over confusion, compassion over blame, and calm, courageous love-in-action over fearful, desperate activism. His 90 post-doom conversations, along with a variety of educational materials and pastoral offerings and discussion forums can be found at postdoom.com.

Contact Michael Dowd



Dowd's passion for proclaiming a pro-science, nature-honoring message of inspiration — what he calls "the gospel of right relationship to Reality" — has earned him the moniker 'Rev. Reality', as he speaks prophetically in secular and religious settings about our sacred responsibility to future generations.

DOWD'S CREDO (as explained in this 9 min video) is:

Reality is my God.  Evidence is my scripture.
The Epic of Evolution is my creation story.  Ecology is my theology.
Integrity is my spiritual path.  Fostering right relationship to Reality is my mission.
Dowd's most passionate presentation (2009)
Prior to his "Grace Limits" ecological conversion (2012)

ABOVE: June 2009 at Agape International Spiritual Life Center, Los Angeles

WATCH: "7 Gifts of Evolutionary Spirituality"



The Educational Legacy of Michael Dowd's Voice

NOTE BY CONNIE BARLOW, October 2023: Since Michael's death, I have been updating The Great Story website that Michael and I shared for so many years. Because his Soundcloud audios and playlists are now so immense, it was difficult for me to find my way through it to the posts I knew he would recommend most highly.

Playlists on Michael Dowd's SOUNDCLOUD

Overshoot - 1980 book (full 12 hours) by William R. Catton, Jr. Michael regards this book as the "grace limits bible." Your education into why human-centric civilizations cannot escape the classic rise-and-fall pattern begins here. (He recorded this audio narration with the publisher's blessing.)

START HERE: Sample first Michael's essay-format webpage of the what and why of his highest recommendations for educating yourself via the works of others. Here you can learn from multiple authors why the collapse of global industrial civilization is not only underway — but that it was inevitable. Learn the ecological, systems-science, and religious/worldview causes of our downward plunge. Equally, learn from others how to navigate the grief cycle from "collapse awareness" to "collapse acceptance." Then, emotionally moving from "doom" into a state of calm, clarity, compassion, and "courageous love-in-action." Access AUDIOS: Material Grace Limits & Systemic Piety.


2019 - "Christ As the Future Incarnate"

2016 - "Evidential Medicine for Our Collective Soul"

2014 - "Evidential Mysticism and the Future of Earth"

2023 - "The Real End Times: From Doom to Faith"

2022 - "My God: What Have We Done?" (also: 14 minute video)

2017 - "The Way Home for the Prodigal Species"

2023 - "Collapse and Denial: Inevitable and Unstoppable" (pp. 23-26)

2023 Presentations
videos posted on youtube

VIDEO: SERMON and Q&A at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Flint, Michigan

   MICHAEL DOWD: "This pair of videos is now my top recommendation for general audiences interested in the POSTDOOM concept and emotional support that I have been developing since 2019."

Posted September 2023

Part 1 (Sermon / 30 minutes)      Part 2 (Q&A / 25 minutes)

VIDEO: Talk and Q&A to Canadian Association for the Club of Rome

   MICHAEL DOWD: "I consider this 52-minute presentation delivered via Zoom on May 3, 2023 to the Canadian Association for the Club of Rome (CACOR) to be my most important and emotionally supportive video to-date."

(Many viewers regard the Q&A session as even more significant than the talk.) Posted May 2023

     Part 1 (presentation)      Part 2 (Q&A)

VIDEOS: Eve Presentation and sermon at Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge

     LEFT: March 10 evening presentation (100 minutes)

     RIGHT: March 12 sermon (readings at timecode 32:45, sermon begins at 38:21 and continues in 3 parts

2022 Presentations
videos posted on youtube

SERMON by Michael Dowd: "Big Picture: Clarity, Compassion, Courageous Love-in-Action"

   DESCRIPTION: No one needs convincing that "Creation is in Crisis." Even those with no understanding of the unstoppable nature of biospheric and civilizational collapse feel the stress. Just to read or watch (the propaganda formerly known as) "the news" these days is a sobering (or un-sobering!) experience. How do we cope? How can we stay inspired? And perhaps most importantly, how can we be a blessing to others who are confused, angry, depressed, or filled with fear, guilt, blame, regret, or grief?

Recorded via Zoom for Prairie Circle UU, July 2022 • 27 minutes

SERMON by Michael Dowd: "The Big Picture: What Every Young Person & Grandparent Should Know"

   Here Michael Dowd offers a practical and compassionate approach to understanding the challenges not only ahead, but manifesting right here and now.

How do we move past blame? How do we find peace, gratitude, and opportunities for still being of service?

Filmed live at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Flint, MI.

Recorded in the church sanctuary, July 2022 • 32 minutes

VIDEO (and essay) by Michael Dowd is an invitation to Progressive Christians

   "My G🌎D, What Have We Done?" is a video narration (with text overlaying pictures) of an essay by Michael Dowd that was published in a January 2022 issue of the online journal Progressing Spirit.

A pdf is also available, as well as an AUDIO on Soundcloud.

There are four titled sections within it: "By Fate or Failure" • "Progressive Christianity Today" • "G🌎D's Judgment" • "Redemption"

14 minutes - (recorded and posted January 2022)

2020 - 2021 Presentations
via Zoom & Online Technologies

SERMON: "Reality 101 - Coronavirus, Climate, and Compassionate Generosity

    Spring of 2020, Rev. Michael Dowd suspended his traveling ministry owing to temporary church closures and periodic lockdowns. Instead, he provides "live" sermons via Zoom and other online technologies. On May 10 he delivered the guest sermon from an outdoor setting in northern California to a Unitarian Universalist Congregation in McHenry, IL.

18 minutes • (recorded May 2020; posted June 2020)

VIDEO: The Big Picture: Clarity, Compassion, Love-in-Action

MICHAEL DOWD launched this video in February 2021, as the lead video he is now suggesting for religious and secular groups to watch in advance of a Zoom Q&A / comment session. This program is a distillation of eight years of nearly full-time study. It is information-dense and highly visual. Michael recommends that you watch, rather than merely listen, and do so without multi-tasking.

    Geared for adults and teens, this program discusses (A) key differences between sustainable cultures and unsustainable civilizations, (B) why 'progress' is never everlasting, (C) the nature of abrupt climate change, (D) what is inevitable (99% certain) and what is still possible and deeply soul-nourishing, (E) who, what, and where we really are, and (F) tools for living meaningfully and courageously in contracting and challenging times.

80 minutes • (recorded and posted February 2021)

"Post-Doom Compost Theology" - VIDEO of Dowd interviewed by Michael Shaw

    Director / Producer of "Living in the Time of Dying", Michael Shaw interviews Rev. Michael Dowd about the place and the state of religion in this time of social and ecological collapse.

Michael Dowd introduces a new framework of religion that is life-centered rather than human-centered.

50 minutes • (recorded December 2020, posted January 2021)

"A Sacred I-Thou Relationship with the Living Earth" - AUDIO of Dowd interviewed by Terry Patten

    Terry Patton has a "State of Emergence" audio podcast series that is more depth conversation than interview. Its pacing is intentionally slow, thus encouraging listener reflection. Autumn 2020 Terry spoke with Michael not long after he and his wife, Connie, ended their 18 years of itinerant living.

PHOTO: Dowd with grand-daughter, a few weeks after he and Connie permanently settled in southern Michigan, a few blocks from his daughter and her husband.

95 minutes • (autumn 2020)

New 4-Part VIDEO series by Michael Dowd: Postdoom (Collapse & Adaptation Primer)

    Owing to Covid-19, all presentations by Michael Dowd from 2020 onward are limited to online technologies. This 4-part video series stands for Michael's long-form slide presentation style — this time, with extensive text elaboration such that the presentation feels like reading an illustrated book while listening to the audio version. Uploaded to youtube, this offers FREE VIEWING, along with an ability for each viewer to pause the program for depth understanding and note-taking.

Note: Michael usually recommends for religious or secular group viewing that the group leader select either "Post Gloom" or "Unstoppable Collapse" as the single video to precede a zoom group Q&A with Dowd.

(recorded July 2020 through January 2021)

  • Michael Dowd creates a pair of short videos: his most popular ever!

    This pair of educational videos "in a nutshell" went viral — exponential growth in views in just the first few days.

        Collapse in a Nutshell: Understanding Our Predicament (33 min)

    "Overshoot in a Nutshell: Understanding Our Predicament (31 min)"

    (posted November 2021)

    RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USES BY CHURCHES AND OTHER INSTITUTIONS: Rev. Dowd offers to appear for a scheduled live online session of Q&A / DISCUSSION as a follow-up to the group's assignment for watching one or both of these video programs. Each of the two videos is a stand-alone program; or the set can be watched in tandem. Consult the lengthy youtube caption of each program for a complete list of topics and sources, along with direct time-coded access to the internal chapters. The core content entails 67 minutes in one video and 75 minutes in the other, each followed by an extensive resources video section. Each video is divided into 4 "chapters", with direct access via the timecodes listed in the youtube captions.

    "Finding Meaning in the Dark: Sobering Inspiration for Hard Times" (67 min)

    "Embracing Our Predicament: Trading Confusion for Clarity" (75 min)

    Best of 2019

  • VIDEO: "Post-Doom Inspiration: Honoring Grief, Empowering Action" - Sermon at East Shore Unitarian, Bellevue WA

        Dowd offers three sections in this guest sermon at East Shore Unitarian Church, Bellevue WA: (1) Getting to doom (honoring the stages of grief); (2) A post-doom mind and heart; (3) Post-doom living.

    Key concepts: Doom is the midpoint between denial and regeneration — with or without us. Doom is the emotional state that most people feel when they let go of the secular religion of perpetual progress. Post-doom opens us up to spheres of gratitude — and fearlesness.

    30 minutes • (1 December 2019)

  • VIDEO: "Sustainability 101 - Ecology as Theology" - Sermon at Westside Unitarian Universalists in Seattle, WA

        Dowd begins with 3 topics and how sustainable cultures differ in their interpretations of those topics from those of unsustainable cultures. The topics are (1) Reality, (2) Language, and (3) Cultures — that is, communities of understanding Reality and how they speak of Reality, relate to Reality. Along the way, he speaks of Pro-Future v. Anti-Future religions and lifeways. "Doom," he says, "is the midpoint between Denial and Regeneration — with or without us."

    27 minutes • (17 November 2019)

  • VIDEOS: Michael Dowd and Joe Brewer joint talks


    Sermon 28 min.       Dialogue Pt 1 47 min.      Dialogue Pt 2 36 min.
    Recorded 20 October 2019 at Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship.

  • 8 SESSION VIDEO DISCUSSION COURSE: "ProFuture Faith" - Rev. Michael Dowd

        Earth Day 2019 marked the launch of an 8-session course for religious and secular groups — the core of each session being a 20-minute DVD segment, accompanied by a pre-session reading, facilitator guidelines for group discussion, and participant resources for "going deeper." Michael Dowd was filmed by 3 cameras at a cathedral church in Houston, TX November 2018: St. Paul's United Methodist. Living the Questions (progressive Christian ministers and staff based in Phoenix AZ) has previously produced educational videos series featuring Marcus Borg, John Shelby Spong, and others.

    (22 April 2019)

  • VIDEO: "Ecology Is the Heart of Theology" - Sermon at Unity Church of Christianity, Houston TX

        Professionally filmed and live-streamed before a very large congregational audience, this is one of Dowd's best and most dynamic sermons. Sermon summary:

    Why a deep-time big picture is vital for staying sane, sober, and inspired in chaotic and challenging times. This soulful, deep green message bridges the gap between head and heart and celebrates the convergence of science, inspiration, and sustainability.

    28 minutes • (31 March 2019)

  • VIDEO: "Sane vs. Insane Progress" - Dowd's voice narration over slides has 4 key points:

        (1) How we define and measure 'progress' determines our behavior and what kind of world we are leaving our grandchildren and other species. (2) Hoping for perpetual progress via techno-fix 'solutions' fosters complacency instead of responsible, pro-future actions. (3) Problems caused by economic growth and development will not be solved by more of the same; indeed, our predicament will worsen. (4) Understanding ecology, energy, and history undermines expectations that human ingenuity, technology, or the market can save industrial civilization.

    24 minutes • (12 March 2019)

  • ESSAY: "Christ as the Future Incarnate"

        Michael Dowd's essay in the Spring 2019 issue of the (bi-annual) Oneing magazine, published by Center for Action and Contemplation (led by Richard Rohr).

    The essay begins: "Humanity's biggest problems and most intractable predicaments stem from the failure of its dominant religions to ensure that every aspect of society is accountable to the future. When systems of governance and economics, for example, are free to operate in ways that are heedless of the future, society is propelled on a course that inevitably becomes self-destructive...."

    "... Let us begin to think of ecology at the heart of theology and Christ as the Future Incarnate...."

    (March 2019)

  • VIDEO: Reality 101 - Widening Our Circle of Compassion

        Rev. Dowd offers three main points in this Sunday morning sermon:
      • The shape of time and the nature of joy and fullfillment
      • The color of God and the purpose of religion and science
      • The way of life and the necessity of humility and gratitude

    Also, the malady of "cultural acedia", in which social conditions are no longer fulfilling 8 basic human needs beyond physical survival.

    Presented at Unitarian Universalist Metro Atlanta North, GA.
    30 minutes • (February 2019)

    Best of 2018

  • VIDEO: Expanding Our Circle of Compassion

        "If the word compassion means to suffer with," begins Rev. Dowd, we're going to have no shortage of opportunities in the coming years to expand our circle of compassion." Attention goes to the "8 basic needs" of cultural fulfillment. If these needs go unmet, "cultural acedia" (increasing today) sets in. Dowd explores "how to be progressives when the idea of perpetual progress is no longer credible."

    Presented at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Asheville, NC.

    19 minutes • (October 2018)     Note: Audio quality is poor.

  • VIDEO: Confessions of a Recovering Progressive (version 2)

        Same title, though 80& different than the one presented a few weeks ago (linked below). This version entails three guideposts: (1) Remember who you are; (2) Remember what matters most; (3) Resolve to sweeten your legacy.

    Presented at Community Unitarian Universalists of Brighton, MI.

    30 minutes • (September 2018)

  • VIDEO: Confessions of a Recovering Progressive (version 1)

        Rev. Michael Dowd delivers his most vulnerable sermon to date.

    He begins, "Progress is the de facto religion of the industrial world. But something has changed in America, and beyond. What happens when we progressives 'lose the faith'?"

    Presented at People's Church (Unitarian Universalist), Ludington Michigan.

    27 minutes • (September 2018)

  • VIDEO: Ecology as Theology: Inspiring Science for Challenging Times

        This voice-over slide program by Rev. Dowd contains his most important ideas that he has been delivering live to audiences in 2018. Here you can proceed at your own pace.

  • Un-trivializing God: an I-Thou Relationship to Reality Is Not Optional
  • Religion's Purpose: Defender of the Future & Namer of Good & Evil
  • The Great Story / The Epic of Evolution: Cosmic 101-Year Timeline
  • Thus Sayeth Reality: What's Inevitable? What's Futile? What Now?
  • Legacy 101: Staying Sane, Inspired, and in Action
  • 70 minutes • (September 2018)

    Note: This program is shaped for all audiences — from atheists to pagans and non-fundamentalist interpretations of all religious faiths. For a longer version of this same slide program that also includes Dowd's ideas on how to reintepret core Christian concepts, click here.

  • VIDEO: Ecotheism sermon: Ecology as the heart of theology

        Rev. Dowd's 24 June 2018 guest sermon at the First Congregational Church of Sheboygan (Wisconsin) is what he now regards as his best short presentation for a Christian audience.

    25 minutes • (June 2018)

  • VIDEO: ECOTHEISM - Ecology as the heart of theology

        This voice-over slide program by Rev. Dowd is for Christians who wish to sample the full range of his most important ideas (as of 2018) and to do so in a compact and image-rich way.

    80 minutes • (August 2018)

  • VIDEO: Pro-Future Faith— The Death and Resurrection of Religion (2018)

        Rev. Dowd's guest sermon at Church of the Beatitudes (UCC), Phoenix AZ, includes these key statements:

    God's revelation comes through all forms of evidence: scientific evidence, historic evidence, cross-cultural evidence, and of course the evidence of our own experience.... Idolatry is when your notion of God is no longer synonymous with reality.... We have an economic system that rewards the few at the expense of the many, measures progress by how fast we can turn the biosphere into pollution, and makes it inevitable for billions of us to betray the future — just by pursuing the so-called good life. In other words, we have an economy that doesn't mimic the reality of ecology.

  • VIDEO: Not the Future We Ordered — Staying Sane in Crazy Times (2018)

        Rev. Dowd's 31 December 2017 guest sermon at the UU Church of Sarasota (Florida) focused on helping listeners with the work of letting go of the worldview of perpetual progress and the expectations many of us were born into. Seeing the bigger picture of The Great Story (13.8 billion years), along with the full human journey (especially grasping that our own civilization is tracking a similar path of rise-and-fall that all 32 previous city-based civilizations experienced) is a crucial step in accustoming our psyches to the momentous shifts in the predicament of our time.

    Best of 2016 and 2017

  • VIDEO: Not the Future We Ordered — Honoring Our Grief (2017)

        Rev. Dowd's 2 April 2017 guest sermon at the UU Church of Ventura (California) has three key points: (1) Understanding our predicament; (2) The six facets of grief; (3) Now what?

    Acknowledgments: Re the content of this sermon, I am especially indebted to the work of John Michael Greer, Joanna Macy, William R. Catton, Jr., Thomas Berry, Nate Hagens, and DJ White.

  • VIDEO: Intergenerational Justice: Does any vision matter more?

        Guest sermon, 26 March 2017, at Conejo Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Newbury Park, CA.

    Unitarian Universalists have an exemplary tradition of taking the lead on social justice issues — less so on environmental issues. Here, Dowd makes the case for why climate change is not only a profound challenge environmentally but that its consequences for human survival propel "intergenerational justice" into the most compelling social justice issue of all time.

    24 minutes • (sermon delivered March 2017; published 2018)

  • VIDEO: Ecology Is the New Theology (2017)

        Rev. Dowd's 26 February 2017 guest sermon at Long Beach Unitarian Universalist Church (California) differs from his 4 December 2016 sermon by that title (which is also posted on youtube; scroll down to access the earlier sermon).

    Here Dowd addresses our "human predicament" (which is ever more evident) within the context of our scientific understanding of the 14 billion year story of the Universe — and our historical understanding of 5,000 years of "the rise and fall of 24 civilizations."

  • VIDEO: Ecology Is the New Theology" (2016)

        Rev. Dowd's 4 December 2016 guest sermon at Tahoma Unitarian Universalist Congregation (Tacoma, WA).

    Three stances are foundational for a sustainable culture, and they all indicate that "ecology is theology" — nothing is more important:

    (1) Reverent Humility
    (2) Reciprocal Gratitude
    (3) A Fierce Commitment to Future Generations

  • VIDEO: "Prophetic Inspiration for Chaotic, Challenging Times" (2016)

        Rev. Dowd preaches a pro-science, pro-future message on Nov. 20, 2016 at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Whidbey Island (WA).

    His focus: (1) "Thus sayeth the Past..." (2) "Thus sayeth the Future..." (3) "How can we find meaning and inspiration in contracting times?"

  • VIDEO: Evolutionary Gratitude for Challenging Times" (2016)

        Rev. Dowd's 13 November 2016 guest sermon at Unity of Portland (Oregon).

    Note: For those with hearing problems, we have posted an "audio-enhanced" version of this video that, while eliminating the echo of the large hall, also eliminates the sounds of audience response (which is quite moving at times). If you prefer to listen to just the audio, you can access if here, as Episode 58 of our America's Evolutionary Evangelists podcast series.

  • VIDEO: "Faithful to God Means Faithful to the Future" (2016)

        Rev. Dowd's October 2016 guest sermon at Westchester Congregational United Church of Christ, Spokane WA.

  • VIDEO: Ecology as the Heart of Theology" (2016)

        Rev. Dowd's October 2016 guest sermon at St. Margaret's Episcopal Church of Bellevue, WA.

  • VIDEO: Ecological Wisdom for Chaotic, Challenging Times" (2016)

        Rev. Dowd's October 2016 guest sermon at Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Port Angeles, WA.

    Other Video Programs

    17 Minute VIDEO: "Reality's Rules: Ten Commandments to Avoid Extinction"

        What Reality is telling us, through evidence, about how we must now collectively think and act if we hope to spare our grandchildren from hell and spare ourselves their condemnation. If you disagree, please let Michael know why and support your claim with evidence. Email: Michael(AT)ThankGodforEvolution.com

    This 17 minute video is the culmination of decades of research and collaboration. It showcases today's divine/prophetic wisdom revealed via scientific, historic, and cross-cultural evidence. A 3-page companion document gives the full text of the commandments, with supporting links to online text, audio, and video resources.

    VIDEO: 17 minutes

    9 Minute VIDEO: Michael Dowd (Rev. Reality): "Sacred Realist / Religion 3.0 Credo"

        Michael Dowd spoke to the Sedona Integral Group on April 25, 2014. In this 9-minute excerpt, Dowd articulates what might be considered a "sacred realist statement of faith" ... 6 points of agreement upon which tens of millions of secular and religious people align — and through which we all might join together to foster a just, healthy, and ecologically sustainable future.

    Religion 3.0 / Evidential Reformation / Sacred Realist CREDO: "Reality is our God. Evidence is our scripture. The Epic of Evolution is our creation story. Ecology is our theology. Integrity is our spiritual path; and Fostering a just and healthy future is our mission."

  • VIDEO INTERVIEW: "Pro-Future or Anti-Future?"
    In 2014, during his participation in The Great March for Climate Action, Michael donned a green clergy shirt and started speaking in churches and at climate rallies as "Reverend Reality". (See his Reverend Reality youtube channel.) The two most important videos on that channel launch a new playlist: "Pro-Future or Anti-Future?". Episode 1 is "Eco-Theology". Episode 2 is "Right Relationship to Reality." This is, by far, the best and most thorough articulation to-date of Dowd's core values, priorities, and commitments. Thanks to Rick Archer, of "Buddha at the Gas Pump", here's a 36 page transcript of the entire interview (both episodes).


    Michael Dowd and Katharine Hayhoe in CLIMATE ACTION VIDEO

    A powerful 4-minute video was published on youtube May 2015:

  • "ASK PHILANTHROPISTS: Climate Breakthrough Now! - #2"
  • Featured as "Reverend Reality", Dowd dons a green clergy shirt for this role, with video graphics that support Dowd's claim: "The most important distinction of our time isn't left or right. It's not liberal or conservative. It's pro-future or anti-future."

    Five-Part VIDEO series
    3 hrs and 15 mins
    with host

    NH Public Television Documentary

    This 27-minute documentary on the "one-story faith" or "pro-future" gospel Dowd preaches, produced by New Hampshire Public Television, first aired in December 2010. The camera crew filmed Dowd at one of seven presentations he gave during November 2010 at United Church of Christ and Congregational churches in New Hampshire.

    The documentary centers on an interview with Dowd that was conducted by the television team just before an event. Interspersed are fragments of Dowd during his actual presentation, along with excerpts of a video made several years earlier and available on the Thank God for Evolution DVD sold on this website.

    The program, "Evolutionize Your Life," that Michael was presenting that day is now available in DVD or in narrated slide format.





        BEST 2014 SERMONS
    (YouTube - click on image)

    LEFT: Unitarian

    RIGHT: Christian (UCC)

    BEST 2015 SERMONS: Michael Dowd's 3-part guest sermon series at People's Church, Ludington MI

        Rev. Dowd presented a series of 3 Sunday sermons at the Unitarian Universalist church in Ludington MI, summer 2015. His presentations occurred during a 4-month period of sabbatical study on ecological and civilization history and the increasing toll of climate change on our hopes for the future. All sermons are now on youtube (VIDEOS):

  • Sermon 1: "When Religion Fails, Economics Becomes Demonic"
  • Sermon 2: "Embrace Death To Live Life Fully"
  • Sermon 3: "Inspired on Dark Mountain: The Big Picture"
    (His wife, Connie, says this is her favorite sermon...ever.)

  • The Skeptic Society lecture (below left), "Evolution and the Global Integrity Crisis", was also delivered in April 2009 at the United Nations.


    Thank God for Evolution
    How the Marriage of Science and Religion
    Will Transform Your Life and Our World

    2008: Viking / 2009: Plume

    Endorsed by 6 NOBEL LAUREATES and other
    science luminaries, including noted skeptics, and
    by dozens of widely diverse religious luminaries

    Visit the Thank God for Evolution website for

  • the full text of endorsements

  • Rev. Dowd's BLOG: "The Evolutionary Evangelist"

  • link for purchasing the book and related merchandise


    My Best and Most-Cited SHORT WRITINGS - 2013-2016:

  • "Ecology Is the New Theology", with Connie Barlow (SpiritEarth, Spring 2013)

  • "Evidential Mysticism and the Future of Earth" (Oneing Magazine, Fall 2014)

  • "When Religion Fails, Economics Becomes Demonic" (HuffPost, May 2015)

  • "Evidential MEDICINE for Our Collective Soul" (Oneing Magazine, Fall 2016)


    ABOVE: Dowd and Barlow "Climate Resources" page
    of original videos and links.



    Rev. Dowd delivered short climate-action talks in 2014 in cities along the route of The Great March for Climate Action.
    Click images above to watch his talk in Davenport Iowa (left), Albuquerque NM (middle), and Phoenix AZ (right).

    In an 8-minute 2014 religion and climate audio interview via the college radio station at Western Michigan University, Michael Dowd speaks boldly of human-caused climate change as "the great reckoning."


       "Reality is my God, ecology is my theology, and fostering a just and healthy future is my mission. Scientific, historic, and cross-cultural evidence is where I go first for divine guidance — rather than ancient texts, mythic beliefs, or traditional dogma. My ultimate commitment is living in right relationship to God's Time and God's Nature and assisting others, and our species, in doing the same."

    Brief Biography for

    at these venues:

    Unitarian Universalist


    Unity / New Thought / Religious Science / Integral

    Secular and Other

    Publicity PHOTOS




  • on ABC National News (2009)

  • on Fox & Friends (2009)

  • on CNN Lou Dobbs (2008)

        30-min SERMON VIDEO: "Ecology Is the New Theology"

    In February 2013, Rev. Dowd presented a guest sermon at the UU congregation in Santa Fe, NM. His opening line: "Ecology is the new theology; big history is the new Genesis. Those who fail to understand that evidence is modern-day scripture, and that the world we live in is an honorable world, betray God and humanity in the most egregious of ways." Dowd calls fellow baby boomers to attend to their legacy re: climate change and the enormous costs of medicalized death. Also available in audio format.

    See also Dowd's 2014 sermon at Granite Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Prescott AZ: "Inspiring Science, Realistic Hope" and Dowd's 2014 sermon at Westminster Presbyterian of Gallup NM: "Reality Reconciles Science & Religion".


    30-min SERMON VIDEO: "God Rebukes the Religious Right: 'Repent or Face Hell and High Water'"

    Rev. Michael Dowd delivered an entirely new sermon on January 6, 2013 at the two Sunday morning services at Jefferson Unitarian Church in Golden, CO. Dowd presents "God" (Reality personified) as rebuking scriptural literalists for stalling collective action in response to climate change by engaging in denial or distortion of facts. (Dowd preached the same sermon a month later at a Baptist church in Houston, Texas. He received a standing ovation at both churches.)

    Listen to an AUDIO of the same sermon title delivered the following Sunday at Wellshire Presbyterian Church in Denver, Colorado.

        49-min VIDEO: "Climate Change & Intergenerational Evil"

    In December 2012, Michael Dowd (with wife, Connie Barlow) "woke up" to the magnitude and immediacy of rapid and profound climate shift already underway. In this video they embed clips of videos and talk about new developments that brought them to this awakening. Video clips include TED talks by James Hansen and David Roberts, and a 3-minute interview with Bill McKibben during his autumn 2012 "Do the Math" climate tour.

    Also posted on Michael's Huffington Post blog.

    "A Story Big Enough To Hold Us All"

    Michael Dowd's contributed chapter in...

    The Whole World Kin: Darwin and the Spirit of Liberal Religion, edited by Fredric Muir (Skinner House Books, 2009)

    6 questions for group discussion of chapter

    Religious & Educational Background
    and Work Experience

    Michael Dowd grew up Roman Catholic and attended Catholic school for eight years. At the age of 20, while serving in the U.S. Army in Berlin, Germany, he had a 'born-again' experience and began attending an Assemblies of God church. After leaving the military in 1981, he attended Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri (affiliated with the Assemblies of God), where he received a B.A. in biblical studies and philosophy, graduating with highest honors. He also graduated with honors in 1987 from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (now Palmer Seminary) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (affiliated with the American Baptist Church), where he earned a Master of Divinity degree. From 1987 through 1995 Rev. Dowd served as a United Church of Christ minister, pastoring churches in Massachusetts, Ohio, and Michigan. He was disfellowshipped by the UCC in 1995 and has maintained ministerial affiliation with the Universal Life Church ever since.

    Michael's first book, EarthSpirit: A Handbook for Nurturing an Ecological Christianity (Twenty-Third Publications: 1991), inspired by the work of Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Miriam McGillis, and Joanna Macy, was one of the first attempts to look appreciatively at traditional, biblical Christianity from the perspective of a modern cosmology.

       In 1995 Rev. Dowd began working with Jewish, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, and Unitarian Universalist leaders across America on social and environmental issues that were coming up for a vote in Congress, as Religious Organizer for the Washington D.C.-based National Environmental Trust. From 1997 to 2000 he headed the first government-funded program designed to produce large-scale voluntary citizen behavior change along stewardship lines in the United States: The Portland Sustainable Lifestyle Campaign, in Portland, Oregon. In 2000 and 2001 he served as Campaign Manager of Global Action Plan (now The Empowerment Institute's) EcoTeam and Livable Neighborhood programs in Rockland County, New York. Since April 2002 Michael and his science writer wife, Connie Barlow, have traveled North America and have addressed more than 2,500 secular and religious groups on the intersection of science, inspiration, and sustainability.

    Rev. Dowd has served on the boards of the North American Conference on Christianity and Ecology; the Ohio Conference United Church of Christ (UCC) Integrity of Creation, Justice, and Peace task force; and the Hudson Valley Sustainable Communities Network. He has also served on the steering committees of the Network of Biblical Storytellers International and the UCC Network for Environmental and Economic Responsibility. Michael's great joy in life is telling the history of everyone and everything in ways that inspire and empower people of all ages and theological orientations to know real freedom, to live in integrity, and to fulfill their evolutionary mission/calling.

    Click below for Michael's current BLOGS at . . . 




  • God: 'Personification' Does NOT Mean 'Person'

  • Death: Sacred, Necessary, Real

  • Big History Hits the Big Time

  • The Evidential Reformation: Humanity Comes of Age

  • Is Scientific Evidence Modern-Day Scripture?

  • New Theists: Knowers, Not Believers

  • New Atheists Promote Bible Study?

  • Ecology Is the New Theology (Video)

  • Idolatry of the Written Word

  • Preaching on Climate Change

  •    Visit Michael Dowd's BLOG ARCHIVE:
    The Evolutionary Evangelist

    Titles include: "A Story of Awakening (Teen Boys)" ♦ "Evolve or Perish" ♦ "I'm a Human with Mismatched Instincts" ♦ "Making Death Right" ♦ "The Unnaturalist Fallacy" ♦ "Teach Both Sides of What Controversy?" ♦ "Sex and the Olympics" ♦ "Evolution Theology: Religiion 2.0" ♦ "Why I Thank God for Charles Darwin" ♦ "Why Evangelize Evolution?" ♦ "Lizard Legacy Bites Three More Alphas" ♦ "Evolutionary Morality and Ethics" ♦ "Clergy Letter / Emerging Churches" ♦ "Thank God for the New Atheists and Creationists!" ♦ "The Gospel of Evolution" ♦ "Evolutionary Christianity" and many more

    Publicity PHOTOS

    Listen to 6-minute AUDIO of Michael reading his PREFACE to the 2009 softcover edition of Thank God for Evolution.

    RIGHT: Watch a VIDEO of Rev. Dowd's 30-minute SERMON delivered at All Souls Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, "The Sacred Side of Science: Religious Naturalism".



  • "The Way Home for the Prodigal Species" 2017 (ProgressingSpirit.org)

  • "Evidential Medicine for Our Collective Soul: What's Inevitable? What's Redemptive?" 2016 (in Oneing magazine)

  • "Evidential Mysticism and the Future of Earth" 2014 (in Oneing magazine)


  • "Ecology Is the New Theology" 2013 (in SpiritEarth magazine)
        (with Connie Barlow) why the teachings of Thomas Berry are now even more urgent. (1 page in PDF)

  • "When Religion Fails, Economics Becomes Demonic" (Patheos blog, May 2015; reprinted in Huffington Post)

  • "An Evangelical Pentecostal Naturalist?!", invited post in Emergent Village Voice, 31 January 2012.

  • "Why Understanding Our Instincts Is Vital for Living in Integrity and Unleashing Our Greatness"
         Dowd interviewed by Craig Hamilton for The Way of the Evolutionary Man audio series, June 2011. AUDIO.

  • "Thank God for the New Atheists", in Skeptic Magazine Vol 16 No.2, 2011.

  • "Is Biblicist Christianity Bankrupt?", online debate with Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (2011).

  • "Thank God for the New Atheists", in Australasian Science Magazine December 2010.

  • "Thank God for the New Atheists" sermon delivered by Dowd at Mayflower UCC, Cathedral of Hope, and St. Paul's Episcopal
         in Oklahoma City, OK (Aug 1-8, 2010); 5 pages in PDF.

  • "Evolutionary Spirituality: Coming Home to Reality", essay published in Michael Dowd's blog of 20 January 2010. 8 pages in PDF.
    1:15 hr AUDIO of Michael speaking about these concepts with Craig Hamilton, as part of the "Awakening to the Impulse to Evolve" series on the website: EvolutionarySpirituality.com.

  • "Thomas: My Great Red Oak" chapter contributed by Dowd to The Thomas Berry Tribute of Ecozoic Reader, 2009. 2 pages in PDF.

  • "Giving God Glory in Evolution", Lent 2004 issue of Benedictine Bridge.

  • "4 Reasons Why Nothing Matters More Than What We Think About Evolution" - 2008
    This is a blogpost that is now available in PDF on this website.

  • "Evolutionary Evangelism" - 2005
    This is a contributed entry for the Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature, edited by Bron Taylor, Dept. Religion, University of Florida, Gainesville.

  • "My Road To Damascus" - 2003 (5 pages)
    First published in the Spring 2003 issue of EarthLight: The Magazine of Spiritual Ecology, this essay explores Michael's personal journey from a worldview that did not accept evolution to one that completely embraces it, without diminishing his faith. PDF.

  • "A Great Story Perspective on the UCC Statement of Faith" - 1990 (8 pages)
    An interpretation of the United Church of Christ Statement of Faith, in light of the epic of evolution, biblical revelation, tradition, and personal life experience. It was originally Michael's ordination paper. webpage

  • "Ecozoic Activism" EarthLight, 2001 - (2 pages)
    The inner work that will guide environmental activism toward, what Thomas Berry calls, the Ecozoic Era (co-written with Connie Barlow). PDF

  • "The New Cosmology: Understanding the Gaia Hypothesis" - 1998 (2 pages)
    published in the June/July issue of Simply Living; available online in PDF

  • "Earth or 'the earth': What's in a Name?" - 1991 (2 pages)
    Have you ever heard anyone refer to our celestial neighbors as "the mars", "the jupiter", or "the venus,"? Of course not. Why, then, refer to the physical ground of our being as "the earth"? This short essay suggests that how we refer to our home planet is far more than a matter of semantics. It is ultimately a question of honor, which, as Thomas Berry argues, may be the most important issue before us as we enter the twenty-first century. webpage

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