Photos of Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow

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Photos of Michael Dowd 2018
St. Paul's United Methodist Church, Houston TX

Earlier Photos of Michael Dowd

ABOVE: Three stills drawn from the 4-minute CLIMATE ACTION VIDEO, 2015:
ASK PHILANTHROPISTS: Climate Breakthrough Now! - #2


ABOVE and BELOW: Michael Dowd at Prospect UCC Church, Seattle, December 2016.


LEFT: at Mt. Tabor Lutheran Church, Salt Lake City, 2015
RIGHT: at Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church, Washington 2016

ABOVE: at Tahoma Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Tacoma WA, 2016

LEFT: 2018 UU Sarasota FL. RIGHT: 2018 First Church (UCC) Sheboygan, WI.





Photos of Connie Barlow


4 PHOTOS: Connie at People's Church (UU), Ludington MI, August 2018. Upper left is delivering "A Story for All Ages"
(on life stages of Monarch Butterflies); remaining 3 are guest sermon: "Grief and Gratitude in a Time of Climate Change."



ABOVE: Left = planting Torreya seeds in Ohio. Right = Mature redwood tree along Puget Sound, WA.



August 2017, Humboldt County, California


ABOVE: Connie raised 16 monarch butterflies from caterpillars in Ludington, Michigan, summer of 2018.


ABOVE LEFT: November 2017, showing the height of a newly germinated Florida Torreya, whose seed was planted directly
into the forest soil at the home of a Torreya Guardian volunteer in southwest Ohio.

ABOVE RIGHT: at Dawes Arboretum, central Ohio, checking the height of a Florida Torreya donated by Torreya Guardian Lee Barnes.


ABOVE LEFT: November 2018 site visit to a 2008 Torreya Guardians planting of Florida Torreya at the rural home of Russ Regnery, near Franklin NC.

ABOVE RIGHT: November 2018 site visit to a mature Torreya grove in Louisiana, planted in 1950 by Caroline Dormon. Pause alongside an ancient Longleaf Pine on the grounds.


ABOVE LEFT: 2017 Redwood, Humboldt County CA. RIGHT: 2017 Ponderosa Pine OR

2017 Cripple Creek area of Colorado


• Access Photos of Dowd and of Barlow prior to 2015