Free Study Guides
Thank God for Evolution

Download here free STUDY GUIDES to assist discussion leaders of book clubs, church groups, and other discussion forums to use Michael Dowd's new book, Thank God for Evolution, for extended group discussion. Choices include:

  • SHORT (4 to 5 session) or LONG (12 to 15 session) study guides


    Note: the LONG courses suggest ways to incorporate viewing short clips of the COMPANION DVD, "Thank God for Evolution!", as part of each session.


    SECULAR and
    liberal religious

  • 4 to 5 sessions

  • 12 to 15 sessions



  • 4 to 5 sessions
       (coming soon)

  • 12 to 15 sessions


       NOTE: If you have a BLUE COVER copy of the book (first edition),
    the pagination is different. So use these study guides:

  • SECULAR and LIBERAL RELIGIOUS (12 to 15 sessions)

  • CHRISTIAN (12 to 15 sessions)

  •     2008 Unity of Marin Ecos Group, led by Tamra Peters, explored the ideas in Thank God for Evolution as one topic in their ongoing group. Note: Tamra reported that because the membership of the group shifted each week, with some newcomers each time, and because many people attending were not ongoingly reading the book, she found she needed to depart from the study guide significantly.

    REPORT FROM GROUP LEADER TAMRA PETERS: "People loved TGFE. We had several people attend our Ecos Group only because we were studying the book. One man said that the book and hearing Michael speak really changed his life and attitude toward coming to church.
          My feedback will be from the perspective of a book review group that took place in an on-going group with different people showing up each time along with a few consistent people. Some people were reading the book, some were not. I know that this is not the kind of group that you designed your study guide for. Hopefully, some of this will be of help to you or atleast spark some ideas.
          I found that I needed to modify your suggestions from the Study Guide as things went on. Since we did not have a bonded, on-going group, some people were shy about reading from the book when I passed it around. So I would write key sayings or ideas on a flip chart or print them on a hand out which people could refer to. In addition, I needed to have questions that would work for new people who just showed up that evening and didn't know that much about the topic. (This could be challenging.) It was good to have several questions to choose from to tailor it to the group. All in all, it worked well."
    Tamra Peters created the following paragraph to read at each session, in order to introduce newcomers briefly to the book being discussed:
    "We've been studying a book called Thank God for Evolution by Michael Dowd. His desire is for all world religions to adopt the scientific disoveries of how the universe began and the truth of where we really came from as the new creation story for all religions. He sees it as a way not to replace religions but to enhance them by understanding the difference between what he sees as day and night language. In doing this, we can keep the stories and information that enrich our lives and show us how to live in harmony with each other. But it would bring them into alignment with what our experience is today."

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