01:35 Leonard Higgins introduces self as "the least likely person to be doing this kind of action"
02:17 Emily Johnston introduces self and importance of speaking to this group
03:17 Annette Klapstein introduces self as a lifelong activist & member of Seattle Raging Grannies
04:20 Michael Foster introduces self (and his work with kids re Plant-for-the-Planet)
06:42 Ken Ward introduces himself
08:14 Q: How did the idea and planning for these actions come about?
08:04 A: Ken: We followed on Canadian climate activists "who did this technique first"
         (documented video:https://youtu.be/lVzptzyQtrw )
09:51 A: Leonard: Break-Free action and the Necessity Defense

11:01 Q: How did you go about the actions safely?
11:10 A: Emily: 3 main ways described
12:42 Q: Tell us what it felt like to be doing the action
12:57 A: Michael: describes the actual physical work of the shut-own
14:21 A: Annette: Difficulty in cutting chain, but easy to turn valve
14:48 Q: What is the largest sacrifice for you in taking this action?
15:51 A: Emily: talks of the gains (reduces despair), rather than the sacrifices
16:27 A: Ken: the biggest impact is felt by one's family and friends
18:04 Q: What can we do to help support your families?
18:18 A: Michael: thanks volunteer support staff in audience
18:51 Michael: Describes feelings right before and during the action
20:27 Annette: Why we are privileged to be able to choose to act; duty
21:17 Q: Talk about your legal strategy, e.g. the "necessity defense"
21:50 A: Ken: describes history and scope of the Necessity Defense
23:42 A: Emily: taking personal risk communicates seriousness to others
25:23 A: Michael: explains necessity including Our Children's Trust legal cases
26:56 Q: Asks Emily to read aloud one of her poems (from book, "Her Animals")
28:15 Emily reads a short poem, then Ken reads another of Emily's
30:04 Q: How much are the legal fees?
30:13 A: Several Valve Turners respond, including problems in North Dakota
31:21 Group singing interlude

31:38 Q: How are the support volunteers and film-makers doing?
32:07 A: Reed Ingalls (who is facing felony charges) speaks first
33:19 Leonard asks Reed to speak about why he was arrested
33:44 Reed responds with details of the immediate post-action
36:11 Annette & Emily speak of videographer Steve Liptay's charges
37:05 Ken speaks of 2 videographers (whose charges were suspended)
38:42 Michael speaks of Ben Joldersma's (who was not formally charged until late January)
39:25 Q: What should other activists do next?
40:05 A: Emily, Annette, and Leonard
43:07 Q: Is there an appropriate age to engage in direct action?
44:10 A: Emily: Older generations, absolutely (with several caveats)
47:48 A: Reed: (speaks as a young person who acted)
49:08 Q: What personal practices help you deal with the situation?
49:31 A: Ken, Annette, and Leonard
52:07 Q: Open for final thoughts from the 5 Valve Turners
52:25 A: Michael: "I'm in North Dakota, and I'm going to prison. I know that." (His remarks continue and are so poignant that the moderator chooses to end the event right when he finishes)
55:32 Standing ovation.