Praise for Great Story Beads
and Timeline

"Overwhelming, exciting, and wonderful! I read your beads text with great interest and picked up on your enthusiasm. I gotta do this! You guys are great stories in yourselves! Best e-mail of the century without a doubt. Thanks so much for thinking of me. This is one I'll never erase and will reread many times." — Tom Stock, naturalist and poet, Pine Barrens, Long Island, NY

"I watched the whole room become riveted with attention and expectation as Michael donned the Great Story beads and began to recount a mere handful of the "grace moments" in the 13 billion year epic. I could not have imagined what a powerful tool the beads were." — Doug Hitt, workshop participant, Lawrence, Kansas.

"We often tell the story of your visit to Songaia, sitting on the commons and telling the universe story via your beads with our children. In fact, Nancy referred to it in an article about Songaia in the last issue of Communities Magazine." — Fred and Nancy Lanphear, Bothell, Washington

"I love your timeline! The idea of remembering it by use of the beads is highly creative. During your lecture travels, will you be encouraging kids to make Great Story Beads?" —Robbin C. Moran, research scientist, New York Botanical Garden

"Your write up on the Great Story Beads is wonderful! Thank you for sharing it! When I have a bit of free time I am going to purchase all kinds of beads to work on my version. I am also thinking of doing one just on the human evolutionary story from the perspective of spiritual evolution via the great wisdom traditions." — Sr. Gail Worcelo, Green Monastery, Vermont

"We just did an intergenerational Great Story necklace workshop at my church last weekend: 16 folks, aged 7 to about 70. Lots of fun! I used your timeline piece from your website as a handout for folks to take home, to give them something more to ponder; it's a great one. Thanks so much for all the resources you create and make available. Lots of good wishes to you." — Claudia McNeil, Seattle WA


  • "I liked the part about the golden age of turtles because turtles are one of my favorite reptiles. I think that I would have liked to live in the golden age of turtles. I really liked your necklace too. We liked your necklace so much that the whole school is going to make one. I hope you can come again." Love, Lucas
  • "I am glad you came. what I like the most are crocodiles I hope you come again. you are wise and I like your necklace I want to mak one too. mine will have the Big Bang. the Big Bang bead will be red." Love, Andrew

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