Worldviews in Transition
chart used by Michael Dowd

The Medieval worldview based on hierarchical and God-created domains gave way (beginning in 1543) to a new Mechanistic view of life, Earth, and Cosmos (in red) as a kind of clockwork universe, thanks to a host of scientific discoveries beginning with Copernicus contending that Earth revolved around the sun. The arrows show the cycle of step-by-step acquisition of the new paradigm until it became the dominant paradigm (shaping not only the scientific enterprise but also education, government, the arts, etc). Notice that a shift toward an even newer paradigm that will eventually replace the mechanistic paradigm began in 1781 (turquoise). It was at this time that Immanuel Kant posited an "Organic" understanding of the world (and universe). Michael Dowd, who created this chart, prefers to refer to this new paradigm not as organic but as "Nested Creativity." Note that we are now in the "Intensive Phase" of a shift toward the new worldview of nested creative, a phase characterized by intertwining episodes of 3 steps forward and 2 steps back. If history repeats itself, the transformative phase will occur sometime in the decades to come, with the intellectuals first making it the dominant paradigm and then the effects gradually working big changes in all the various human institutions, including religions.

NOTE: Both charts (created and used by Michael Dowd in his public presentations) are based on material presented in a forthcoming book by Michael David Schacker, Where Are We Headed? The Organic Shift and the Coming Change in Worldviews

For a more detailed (and better looking) printable version of the wordy tabular chart, see Parallels in Time.

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