This 27-minute documentary, produced by New Hampshire's public television station, first aired in December 2010. The camera crew filmed Michael Dowd, "America's evolutionary evangelist," at one of seven presentations he made during November 2010 at UCC and Congregational churches in New Hampshire.

The documentary centers on an interview with Dowd that was conducted by the television team just before an event. Interspersed are fragments of Dowd during his actual presentation, along with excerpts of video made years ago (an obviously younger Dowd!) that are available on the Evolutionary Christianity DVD sold on this website.

You can freely access online the entire, hour-long digital program Michael used as the content for that evening, with his voice overlayed, by clicking here on the Evolutionize Your Life" link here.

In December 2010, Dowd hosted an innovative teleseries, "The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity: Conversations at the Leading Edge of Faith". One-on-one audio dialogues were streamed daily, each featuring one of 38 luminaries on the vanguard of science and faith. You can access this series at

Click here to learn more about Michael Dowd, or link to Dowd's media page.

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