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WHERE To Find Print, Audio, Video Resources

DVDs:Four-hour DVDs of presentations on The Great Story ("Evolution's Arrow," "Evolutionary Christianity," "We Are Made of Stardust!", "Thank God for Evolution", "Death Through Deep-Time Eyes") by Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow are now available through this website.

AUDIOS: Audios of Michael's and Connie's public presentations are for FREE ON-LINE HERE. Just click here for ON-LINE AUDIOS.

    PODCASTS by Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd, "America's Evolutionary Evangelists"

Visit also Connie Barlow's posted VIDEOS on YouTube under the YouTube name "ghostsofevolution"

  • Thomas Berry and the Earth Community" - superb resources of Berry's great work (website by Caroline Webb)

  • Click to hear audio clips of Thomas Berry reading from The Great Work.

  • The Ecozoic Times - The EcozoicTimes.Com is a news source and resource center for the emerging Ecozoic Era. Begun in 2010 by Allysyn Kiplinger, the website explores both the philosophy and the real-world expression of "Ecozoic", as lined and defined by Thomas Berry: "a geologic era of mutually enhancing human-Earth relations."

  • Thomas Berry website

  •     This 5-minute YouTube video of Neil deGrasse Tyson, with graphics added by Connie Barlow, is a gem. Click to be inspired by his personal story of how how he became a scientist and his peak spiritual experiences in doing science. Also, visit this 6-minute journey from Earth to the outer reaches of the Universe, by American Museum of Natural History, titled "The Known Universe by AMNH".

        Symphony of Science is a website created in 2009 by the musician/video-artist John Boswell. It includes MUSIC VIDEO compositions that celebrate the likes of Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Richard Feynman by using new software to tweak their narrative voices into glorious song. As of October 2009, the first of these new videos had become the Number 1 Top-Rated Video for all time on YouTube.

  • You-Tube Tribute to the Hubble Deep Field
        Moving animation of the Hubble Telescope legacy, and how it shifts our sense of who we are in the Universe.

  • Most Highly Recommended Websites

  • "Anything and everything from an evolutionary perspective" - EVOLUTION: This View of Life

  • Superb overall resource and links website for - The Epic of Evolution

  • Online interactive professional 4.5 billion year timeline - PBS "Evolution" series

  • Free online curriculum to teach the 13.7 billion year story: "Big History Project".

  • U.C. Berkeley geologist Walter Alvarez initiated this ChronoZoom interactive, digital timeline.

  • Superb compendium of captioned Natural History ILLUSTRATIONS of the EVOLUTIONARY JOURNEY OF LIFE by world-class artists. Assembled by Ed Fisher at http://evolution-involution.org/. A flash slideshow of the illustrations can be accessed from the homepage http://evolution-involution.org.

  • "The Web's Best Videos on Evolution, Creationism, Atheism and More"
  • Thank God for Evolution!
  • companion website for Michael Dowd's 2007 book by that title.

  • A terrific website for photos, interviews, audio, and video of THOMAS BERRY is http://www.earth-community.org.

  • For a fabulous page of internet links that exceeds our own, see the "Epic of Evolution: Cosmic Resources for Educators" file within the website established by John Seed and Ruth Rosenhek.

  • Directly related to this website is www.epicofevolution.com, an excellent source of quotations, links, and other resources pertaining to the 13.7 billion year Story of the Universe told in a meaningful, sacred way.

  • See also the websites suggested for the Ecology and Religion section of the Religious Studies in Secondary Schools website and the home page of the Forum on Ecology and Religion.

  • "Darwin's Darkest Hour" - 2 hr NOVA television show now available for free viewing online. Great for adult or youth education class and discussion in any progressive church or secular setting, as it shows the cultural ethos and wrenching personal difficulties in facing the need to give up a biblically literalist view of God and Creation.

  • "The Great Story" 3-part photo-essay by Adam Blatner, based on a 2010 class he taught at Senior University Georgetown — http://www.blatner.com/adam/consctransf/greatstory/greatstory.html

  • Blogsite: "Evolutionary Times"

  • Center for Ecozoic Studies — http://www.ecozoicstudies.org

  • Brian Swimme (where you can purchase videos and audios by Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry) — http://www.brianswimme.org

  • Thomas Berry official website — http://www.thomasberry.org

  • "Beyond Belief" conference streaming video - http://thesciencenetwork.org/programs/beyond-belief-science-religion-reason-and-survival
    Several of the conference speakers offered powerful support for The Great Story. We highly recommend: Neil deGrasse Tyson (in Session 2), Carolyn Porco (in Session 3), Patricia Churchland (in Session 5), and Loyal Rue (in Session 6).

  • Evolutionary Religious Studies - http://evolution.binghamton.edu/religion/directory/
    This site, begun by biologist and evolutionary theorist David Sloan Wilson, is hosted at State University of New York, Binghamton. It is a network for scholars around the world who are examining religions and the religious urge from an evolutionary perspective.

  • Genesis Farm - http://www.genesisfarm.org
    Genesis Farm, in rural New Jersey, is the home institution of one of the key leaders in the Great Story movement: Sister Miriam MacGillis. Genesis Farm offers training in the Great Story, in bioregionalism, and (with its on-site gardens) in organic farming.

  • Global Mindshift - http://www.global-mindshift.org/amplify/spread/10000.asp. Check out this superb short video that puts the human life in perspective of the whole Universe Story.

  • The Home Galaxy - http://www.TheHomeGalaxy.com. Find here some really great space pictures, especially images of Earth from space and evolutionary images of galaxies and nebulae and the cosmos.

  • "The View from the Center of the Universe" - http://viewfromthecenter.com/index.html. Text and online free video viewing of the core ideas in the acclaimed 2006 book by that title, by Joel Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams.

  • Metanexus Institute - http://www.metanexus.net
    The Metanexus Institute advances research, education and outreach on the constructive engagement of science and religion. Metanexus is part of a growing network of individuals and groups exploring the dynamic interface between cosmos, nature and culture in communities and campuses throughout the world. Metanexus sponsors lectures, workshops, research, courses, grants, and publications. Projects include the Local Societies Initiative, the Templeton Research Lectures, the Spiritual Transformation Scientific Research Project, and other projects. Metanexus hosts an online magazine and discussion forum with over 180,000 monthly page views and 7000 regular subscribers in 57 different countries.

  • Universe Story Books for Kids — http://www.universestories.com
    Visit the website by Jennifer Morgan about her book trilogy on the Great Story. Book 1, "Born with a Bang: The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story," was published by Dawn Publications in 2001 and won the National Teachers Award for children's books in 2002. Book 2, "From Lava to Life: The Universe Tells Our Earth Story," was published in March 2003. See all the well-earned praise for this book series, from educators, scientists, and children!

  • Universe Story Paintings / Slideshow by Dana Lynne Andersen — http://www.holocosmos.com/Dana_Lynne_Andersen/songofcreation.html

  • New Universe Story Watercolors and Writings - website of author/artist Mary Coelho — http://newuniversestory.com/index.html
    Mary Coelho is also the author of an essay posted on TheGreatStory.org website, "Of Leadings and the Inner Light: Quakerism and the New Cosmology"

  • AUDIO & VIDEO CLIPS OF THOMAS BERRY — http://www.caroline-webb.com/Multimedia.htm
    Videographer Caroline Webb posts short audio and video clips of Thomas Berry for online viewing, along with a gorgeous slide show that is captioned with quotations by Thomas Berry.

  • Three Eyes of the Universe — http://www.ThreeEyesOfUniverse.org
    Larry and Jean Edwards, affiliated with Genesis Farm, created this website to support their online class: "The Great Work: An Online Program in the New Cosmology." There are also excellent links to related resources and scripts of several versions of Cosmic Walks.

  • What Is Enlightenment? Magazine http://www.wie.org
    A fabulous quarterly magazine which, like its creator, Andrew Cohen, explores the realm of "evolutionary enlightenment." Each issues features a dialogue between Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber.

  • 7-minute YouTube of Universe Story performance — www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmRcch3mNYs
    Pauline Le Bel performs the Universe Story (at Whidbey Institute). This short, playful video extract is available for viewing on YouTube. Pauline's website: www.suncoastarts.com/paulinelebel.html.

  • Evolutionary Spirituality with Andrew Cohen http://www.andrewcohen.org/notes/index.php?/weblog/blog/conscious_evolution/
    A blog by Andrew Cohen that discusses how "evolutionary enlightenment" — a form of highly energetic collective intelligence, transcending ego — is emerging among his students.

  • Pan Magazinehttp://www.pantheism.net
    The quarterly magazine of World Pantheism, the largest membership organization in the world for pantheists of a naturalistic orientation. Subscriptions available to supporting members starting at $12 per year. World Pantheism reveres the Universe, cares for Nature, fosters human rights, and celebrates Life, without recourse to any supernatural beings large or small. It believes that our senses, reason and the evolving enterprise of science are our best ways of discovering the facts. It aims to explore, develop and promote a rational and wholesome spiritual alternative to traditional Western religions. It facilitates local meetings of pantheists and other reverent naturalists, whatever term they prefer for themselves, including groups at Unitarian Universalist congregations.

  • The View from the Center of the Cosmoshttp://www.viewfromthecenter.com
    This is the website of Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams, co-authors of a fabulous book by this title (published in 2006) Finally, the Universe Story goes mainstream: This book was picked by NPR's "All Things Considered" as one of ten summer reading selections for 2006. Highly recommended, as well, for folks already steeped in the works of Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme. Primack's world-class physics legacy, combined with Abrams's insistence that metaphor and symbol are central to human understanding, have yielded a book that is destined to propel this worldview shift into popular culture.

  • Science & Spirit page of Prof. Neil Greenberg's website — https://notes.utk.edu/bio/greenberg.nsf/b4f38e7a3a7c24bc8525641b0066c23a/6e0 92087ee55082185256421005b662d?OpenDocument
    Professor Greenberg has posted a page with fabulous links to realms in which the discoveries of mainstream science are being crafted into meaningful worldviews on a par with the great religions.

  • NHNE Pulse Website — http://nhne-pulse.org/
    Excellent source of most important news and web postings geared for evolutionaries.

  • Pagaian Cosmology — http://pagaian.org
    Australian Glenys Livingstone has produced a marvelous book (now available for free reading on-line) that takes our understanding of cosmic and earth evolution over 14 billion years and expresses it via ideas and ceremony that honor the sacred feminine, drawing from pagan traditions.

  • Center for Conscious Evolution — www.consciousevolution.net
    Ideas and works by Barbara Marx Hubbard on the theme of conscious evolution inspired this website, which now features on-line courses and opportunities to seek and give support for individual and societal evolution. The "Gateway to Conscious Evolution" process is leading the way for individuals to foster their own growth, and to discover and embark on their own Great Work, in community with like-minded people around the world.

  • "Meaning of Life" (Robert Wright) — http://www.meaningoflife.tv
    Award-winning author Robert Wright (books include Nonzero and The Moral Animal) has conducted a score of interviews with major players in evolutionary thought: Brian Swimme, Ursula Goodenough, John Haught, Daniel Dennett, John Maynard Smith, among them. Here you can access the audios (and streaming videos) of those interviews, by name or by topic (e.g., "directionality in evolution"). Highly recommended!

  • Paul Ray, Cultural Creatives — http://www.culturalcreatives.org

  • Elisabet Sahtouris — http://www.ratical.org/LifeWeb
    A website offering a free full book and many articles by evolution biologist and futurist Elisabet Sahtouris on many topics from the deep past to the human future, including the biology of globalization, to role of the Internet, indigenous cultures, adventure stories, and more.

  • Northwest Earth Institute — http://www.nwei.org
    NWEI has created a series of 5 discussion courses and makes them available to anyone in the United States who would like to organize a discussion group: "Exploring Deep Ecology", "Voluntary Simplicity", "Discovering a Sense of Place", "Choices for Sustainable Living", and "Globalization and its Critics". As of November 2004, the courses have been offered in over 550 communities in all 50 states; cumulative enrollment has exceeded 60,000 in groups of about ten each. For information on how to start a group, or to get involved with an earth institute initiative in your area, contact NWEI at contact@nwei.org
    Also, http://www.sahtouris.com

  • John Seed and Ruth Rosenhek — http://www.rainforestinfo.org.au
    Click the "Deep Ecology" component of this site and find essays, rituals, and other items related to the Epic of Evolution.

  • Greenspirit — http://www.greenspirit.org.uk/resources
    Michael Colebrook in the U.K. assembled this site. Click "The New Universe Story" component of this site for an excellent background article; also click "Chronology" for a superb technical timeline of Earth history (geological and the life sequences).

  • Forum on Religion and Ecology - http://fore.research.yale.edu

  • Religion and Nature website - http://www.ReligionandNature.com
    This site is devoted to understanding the relationships between Earth's living systems and the religious and spiritual life of Homo sapiens. It is also the site introducing the Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature, a three volume, 1000 entry global work exploring the connections between religions and environments across traditions, time, place, and space. Both website and encyclopedia have been developed by Bron Taylor, a professor at the University of Florida, who is also developing a graduate program devoted to "Religion and Nature" (see below). His own writings on what he calls "green religion" or "spiritualities of connection," as well as on grassroots and radical environmental movements, are featured at www.ReligionandNature.com/bron

  • PhD in Religion & Nature - http://web.religion.ufl.edu/gradprog/field-nature.html
    Beginning in 2003, the University of Florida offered the first Ph.D. program in Religion with a concentrated course of study in "Religion and Nature." It is devoted to exploring in depth the complex, reciprocal relationships among human cultures, religions, and the earth's living systems.

  • Electronic Library of Resources in Science, Religion, Philosophy - http://www.counterbalance.org

  • Evolution Resources for Teachers, based on 2001 7-part "Evolution" Broadcast (WGBH) - http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/evolution/educators

  • Duane Elgin — http://www.awakeningearth.org

  • National Religious Partnership for the Environment — http://www.nrpe.org

  • California Institute of Integral Studies — http://www.ciis.edu

  • Positive News: http://www.positivenews.org.uk

  • Gene and Joyce Marshall; Realistic Living — http://www.realisticliving.org
    Realistic Living focuses on Christian resurgence, metaphorical translation of the Bible, theological and ethical education, interreligious dialogue, science and religion, social justice, ecology, bioregionalism, and strategies for social change. Many of their books, essays, poems, and reviews are available as free downloads.

  • Two Plays of Historical Fiction on Evolutionary Themes — http://www.billbruehl.homestead.com
    Bill Bruehl, a professional playwright and board member of the Epic of Evolution Society, has written two plays of historical fiction that center on evolutionary themes: (1) "Giordano Bruno and the Field of Flowers" (Bruno was burned at the stake in 1600 for suggesting that stars are suns far away and that probably harbor other planets with life); (2) "Darwin's Captain" (Captain Fitzroy, a conventionally pietous man, psychologically broke down when the young man he had hired to accompany him on his voyage through the Southern Hemisphere decades later became the leading architect of a naturalistic understanding of creation.)

  • Yoga grounded in the Great Story — http://www.yogagaia.com
    If yoga is part of your life, and so is the Universe Story, then you are in for a treat when you visit this elegant and alluring website, assembled by yoga practitioner and Great Story colleague, Hasita Nadai.

  • Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics and You / Secret Worlds: The Universe Within — http://micro.magnet.fsu.edu/primer/java/scienceopticsu/powersof10/index.html
    An excellent online version of Powers of Ten, from the largest to the smallest structures of the Universe. Stunning visuals!

  • Earth as a Peppercorn — http://www.noao.edu/education/work/Peppercorn/Peppercorn_Main.html

  • Tom Atlee and the Co-Intelligence Institute — http://www.co-intelligence.org
    The Co-Intelligence Institute seeks to more deeply understand the nature of wholeness and the various forms of intelligence associated with it. Recently they've focused on ways to increase the wisdom of our politics and governance using specially-designed citizen councils.

  • Music for the Universe Story — http://www.alantower.net
    Inspiring music for the Universe Story by Alan Tower and colleagues.

  • In Context magazine back issues — http://www.context.org
    This site includes the archives of In Context #1-44, the "Quarterly of Humane, Sustainable Culture" begun in 1983 by Robert and Diane Gilman. The brilliant, varied array of writers educated a generation in ways to effect positive change. Click on "Browse the IC Library."

  • The Permaculture Activist — http://www.permacultureactivist.net
    The web site of the western hemisphere's premier permaculture magazine offers basic education in the permaculture design system itself, plants, energy use, and even, inspired by Thomas Berry, the spiritual reinvention of society. Good also for directories, calendars of events, and much more.

  • John Stewart; "Evolution's Arrow" — http://www4.tpg.com.au/users/jes999/
    This site provides the text of John Stewart's book, Evolution's Arrow, which to date has been published only in Australia. Stewart demonstrates in this book that evolution is directional and progressive, and he sets forth a vision of the next great steps for evolution of Earth life.

  • Kristin Volk Funk "Audio CDs for Stress Reduction and Empowerment" — www.NewHealthVisions.com
    This site offers on-line sale of CDs for relaxation and self-hypnosis. Connie Barlow highly recommends these audios, especially for helping one relax into sleep after a stressful or overly exciting day.

  • A new version of the classic "Powers of 10" http://micro.magnet.fsu.edu/primer/java/scienceopticsu/powersof10/index.html
    Click here and travel all the way from 10 million light years out in space down through an oak leaf to a single sub-atomic particle. Awesome!
  • Excellent Articles and Interviews

  • "The Next Industrial Revolution," by William McDonough and Michael Braungart, in The Atlantic Monthly magazine. See also an article on McDonough from Wired magazine.

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