Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd, soon after their launch (in 2002) of their itinerant work as "America's Evolutionary Evangelists."

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"The Good News of Evolution" May 2009


New Dimensions Radio interview
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Rev. MICHAEL DOWD, a former pastor and author of Thank God for Evolution, and CONNIE BARLOW, an author of popular science books, embody the marriage of religion and science as husband and wife. They view themselves as emissaries of a worldwide ecumenical movement that draws from the contemporary wisdom of those on the growing edge of science and meaning.

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    Praise for Michael's 2008 book from NOBEL LAUREATES

  • "The universe took 13.7 billion years to produce this amazing book. I heartily recommend it." — JOHN MATHER, NASA CHIEF SCIENTIST, 2006 NOBEL PRIZE IN PHYSICS

  • "The science vs. religion debate is over! Michael Dowd masterfully unites rationality and spirituality in a world view that celebrates the mysteries of existence and inspires each human being to achieve a higher purpose in life. A must read for all, including scientists." — CRAIG MELLO, 2006 Nobel PRIZE IN PHYSIOLOGY OR MEDICINE

  • "Dowd has given us a bridge across one of the major chasms of our times: religion and evolution. His passion for both science and religion is contagious. Reading his book, one can see that the discourse itself has just evolved to a whole new level!" — REV. MARLIN LAVAHNAR, SENIOR MINISTER, ALL SOULS UNITARIAN CHURCH, TULSA

  • "If anyone can persuade a monotheist that the science of evolution — biological, geological, or cosmological — can enrich his or her faith, I'm betting on Michael Dowd." — THOMAS C. SCHELLING, 2005 NOBEL PRIZE IN ECONOMICS

  • "At last, someone who understands that all of reality is sacred and science is our method of comprehending it." — LEE HARTWELL, 2001 NOBEL PRIZE IN PHYSIOLOGY OR MEDICINE


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