by Connie Barlow

Intended to be sung one line at a time, and repeated by audience. The first line of each verse is repeated as the last line, too. Choose whichever verses you wish, or create your own.

  • Click to listen to an AUDIO of the first 5 verses.

    1. There are ANcesTORS / IN the NIGHT SKY.
    When we LOOK and SAY / the NAMES of STARS toDAY

    2. There is STARdust HERE / IN YOU and ME.
    When we LEARN how STARS/ made MUCH of WHAT we ARE

    3. There is STARdust IN / Earth's ATmoSPHERE.
    When we breathe OX-y-GEN/ we TAKE the STARdust IN

    4. There are DYing STARS / reCYcling NOW.
    By saving SOda CANS / we JOIN the COSmic PLAN.

    5. There are HUmans HERE / on PLAnet EARTH.
    Who know that STARS they SEE / are LIKE they USED to BE

    6. There are STARS of RED / and STARS of BLUE.
    When we see SCOR-pi-O, and THINK of WHAT we KNOW.

    7. There is STARlight now / that SHOWS the PAST.
    So on our DAY of BIRTH, some PHO-tons BEAMED to EARTH.

    8. There is SIR-i-US/ the BRIGHT DOG STAR.
    On our 8TH birthDAY, the DOG star SHINES our WAY.

    9. There's a STAR for OUR / late CHI-ld-HOOD.
    When we turn 12 years OLD, Pro-CY-on SHINES so BOLD.

    10. There's a STAR for WHEN / we turn SIX-TEEN.
    That special STAR up THERE / goes BY the NAME Al-TAIR.

    11. There's a STAR for THOSE / age TWEN-ty FIVE.
    We'll look to VE-ga THEN / as UU WOMen and men.

    12. There's a STAR for THOSE / age THIR-ty-SIX.
    Known as ARC-tur-US / this STAR looks DOWN on US.

    13. There's a STAR for THOSE / age FIF-ty TWO.
    By then we'll LEARN to FIND / this CAS-tor STAR su -BLIME.

    14. There's a STAR for THOSE / age SIX-ty FIVE.
    Al-de-BAR-on SHINES, a BRIGHT red STAR di-VINE.

    15. There's a STAR for THOSE / age EIGHT-y EIGHT.
    In its EL-der HOOD / this GA-crux STAR looks GOOD.

    16. We know that STARS are BALLS / of BURNing GAS.
    So, yes, the WART hog KNOWS, what MAKES the STARS all GLOW.

    17. We know that STARS are ALL / so AN-ces-TORS.
    So, Simba, TOO is RIGHT / in SEE-ing KINGS at NIGHT.

    18. It is TIME right NOW, to END this SONG.
    But the STARS now KNOW, that WE do LOVE them SO.