Writings by Others

  • "Evolutionary Spirituality: Looking at Life with Deep-Time Eyes" - sermon template based on sermon by Mary Hitch, delivered July 2011 at Comal County Unitarian Universalist Society, New Braunfels TX. (NOTE: This sermon template is available for any to use and adapt with their own personal stories.)

  • Evolutionary Activism - by Tom Atlee. A 2-page summary in pdf with specific target areas and approaches to the topic. For more information, see Atlee's 2009 book, Reflections on EvolutionaryActivism at EvolutionaryActivism.com.

  • Essay by GENE MARSHALL on "God and Reality" - [Michael Dowd writes of this essay:] This chapter from Gene's book, A Primer on Radical Christianity, should be required reading for anyone wishing to have a reality-based rather than merely mythic understanding of the divine. I simply cannot recommend this essay too highly. It's one of the most influential theological pieces I've ever read.

  • Favorite Writings by others on the INTELLIGENT DESIGN DEBATE
  • "Stewards of the Gift" - A POEM by TOM ATLEE
  • "The Coming of the Collective Christ" - A POEM by TOM ATLEE
  • "Confronting the Tyranny of Management by Numbers" - by H. THOMAS JOHNSON (publ. in Reflections: SoL Journal of Knowledge, Learning, and Change)
  • "In Praise of North America" - by THOMAS BERRY. This is a magnificent oratory, written by Thomas Berry, that can be used for group reading before or after the North American ritual/experience posted on this website.

  • "Creation Prayer" - a poem by Chuck Dayton.

  • "The Origin of Species: The Sermon" - sermon delivered by Gerry King, 2009, at Wildflower Unitarian Universalist Church, S. Austin, TX

  • "The Whole Donut, Not Just the Donut Hole" - sermon delivered 2011 by Ian Dodd at Unitarian Universalist Church of Santa Monica.

  • "Celebrating and Teaching the Epic of Evolution" - sermon delivered by Harold Wood for "Evolution Sunday" at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Visalia, CA.

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