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"Giving God Glory in Evolution"
Events at CHRISTIAN Churches and Retreats

Rev. Michael Dowd preaching in 2003 at North Congregational Church
of Columbus Ohio (left) and Christ Church Episcopal of Hudson, Ohio (right).

Commentary by Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd

During our second year on the road, Michael Dowd preached Sunday sermons in United Church of Christ, Presbyterian, and Episcopal settings, and provided afternoon or evening presentations and workshops in these Christian contexts, as well as Methodist churches and Roman Catholic churches and convents. In all Christian settings his intent is the same: to help parishoners and congregants grasp that the discoveries of mainstream science need not be interpreted at odds with one's faith. Indeed, when the epic of evolution is told in a God-glorifying, Christ edifying, scripture honoring way, the continuing "revelations" issuing from the whole panoply of sciences can expand, deepen, and enrich one's faith.

His 1991 book, EarthSpirit: A Handbook for Nurturing an Ecological Christianity is always a helpful follow-up, but this year he developed and posted on the website a 2-page summary of "Seven Great Post-Biblical Revelations" drawn from the sciences (in pdf format). Other helpful writings in this context include an article published in the Lent 2004 issue of Benedictine Bridge, "Giving God Glory in Evolution: How Science Will Usher the Church into Its Greatness" and an imagined dialogued with an Christian college student: "Biblical Christianity and The Great Story".

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