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Articles & Interviews in Magazines

Commentary by Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd

As itinerant preacher and teacher, Michael and Connie make the most of how the oral tradition and face-to-face contact can inspire and awaken people to new modes of thought and heartful commitment. To this end, we are constantly upgrading the posters, charts, illustrative objects, and other visual devices we use in our talks and workshops.

A poster Connie uses in telling the "deep time" story of North America. There is strong evidence that each of the clusters of extinctions shown here are causally related to the first entry of humans into frontier continents and islands in which the animals did not co-evolve with any creature that could kill from a distance (e.g., spears).

We are also occasionally asked to provide radio interviews (e.g., for Matthew Fox's weekly program in Oakland CA (spring 2003) and for CBS radio's Osgood File show (which aired December 2003).

As to WRITTEN materials, this website is our primary outlet. Connie's last book — The Ghosts of Evolution — was published in 2001, and at this time she does not see another book in her future. She loves the flexibility and nonlinearity of website productions. Both she and Michael do occasionally write for magazines and journals. This past year, Connie wrote 2 book reviews published in Wild Earth journal, a cover story for the newsletter of the Northwest Earth Institute, and an article that will appear in the spring issue of EarthLight magazine. Michael contributed an article for the Lent 2004 issue of Benedictine Bridge. Each contributed an entry to the forthcoming Encyclopedia of Religion and Ecology. Connie's contribution is "Epic of Evolution Ritual"; Michael's is "Evolutionary Evangelism. An article on our traveling ministry and ideas appears in the spring 2004 issue of What Is Enlightment? magazine.

For complete titles and URLs of these and previous writings, visit the writings page of this website.

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