Dowd and/or Barlow Presentations
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♦ "The River of Life" - Based on Richard Dawkins 2004 book, Ancestor's Tale, Connie Barlow has developed two different forms of this program suitable for an environmental center:

1. Powerpoint presentation (richly illustrated) that presents in sequence all 40 stages of our shared ancestry, back to the origin of life. It is participatory in that Connie runs it as a guessing game and includes slides of the verses of "The River of Life SONG" for participants to sing along with. This is a fabulous way to learn and celebrate the major groups of living organisms, from bacteria to primate. If more than 1.5 hours is available, Connie will make it even more participatory by handing out pages of the SCRIPT version of this same program (see below) to volunteer readers.

2. Fully experiential learning. Anyone can lead this entirely experiential version of the same program. Download a 40-part script, with directions for the leader. Ideally, this is performed outdoors on a "walk through time" course layout. It is also possible to do this program in a single room indoors.

   Connie has adapted the lessons in Richard Dawkins' book, Ancestor's Tale into (1) a richly illustrated powerpoint presentation, and (2) a fully experiential scripted process. This is a fabulous way to learn about the entire "Tree of Life", but using the most up-to-date information on ancestries, with an emphasis on degree of relationship to humans.

NOTE: ENVIRONMENTAL CENTERS AND NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUMS may find a better fit with the science-based powerpoint lectures by CONNIE BARLOW, listed under our College Programs.


Feature article on CONNIE BARLOW's work in
June 2008 ORION Magazine    

"TORREYA STATE PARK perches on the steep, sandy banks of the Apalachicola, where the river twists slowly through the Florida Panhandle toward the Gulf of Mexico. This is one of the most isolated spots in Florida, rich only in plant life and prisons, stupefyingly hot in summer and eerily quiet nearly all year round. Most park visitors are on their way somewhere else, and when Connie Barlow stopped here on a winter day in 1999, she was no exception . . . "


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Program by Michael Dowd

Alternative title: "Science and the Sacred: An Inspiring Vision of Humanity's Future"

From crumbling economies to collapsing ecosystems, humanity is experiencing an unprecedented global integrity crisis. In a richly illustrated presentation, Michael Dowd sheds light on a wide range of personal, social, political, and economic issues through the prism of global integrity: humanity in right relationship at all levels, from the personal to the planetary. The evolutionary sciences teach us that throughout life's history, a vital trend is chaos catalyzing cooperation in ever-larger systems of interdependence. Dowd proposes that only an evolutionary worldview can help us co-create a just and thriving future at this new, planetary level of interdependence. The talk is based on his landmark book, Thank God for Evolution, which has been endorsed by 5 Nobel Prize-winning scientists and religious leaders across the spectrum.

♦ Rev. Dowd and his wife, science writer Connie Barlow, have been called "America's evolutionary evangelists." Since April 2002 they have lived entirely on the road, visiting churches, schools, and spiritual centers across the USA.






Michael Dowd's evening program is a dynamic oral, music, and multimedia presentation. He brings his own high-lumen, digital projector with him, as well as a large screen and extension cord. The only equipment he needs from the host facility is a handheld or clip-on microphone and one or two long tables for setting up resources for sale.


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