Songs and Hymns of the Universe Story:
The Epic of Evolution in Song and Music Videos

  • "PETER MAYER SINGS The Great Story": CD

    Singer-songwriter Peter Mayer collaborated with us to produce a retrospective of 13 of his songs that celebrate the Epic of Evolution. His two most famous songs in this collection are "Blue Boat Home" and "Holy Now". You can listen to samples and purchase the CD through by clicking on the title above.

    "I was in tears when I first heard "Blue Boat Home." A year later, I wept again, on Earth Day Sunday, as I walked up the aisle of a church while 500 congregants sang Peter's words of praise to our beloved planet." — Connie Barlow

    (posted March 2007)

  • "THANK GOD FOR EVOLUTION" CD by The Cosmic All Stars

    Singer-songwriter Keith Mesecher and his "Cosmic All Stars" band have recorded five of their rockin' songs that were featured in the first evolutionary revival held in San Diego in Feb 2008. Great for listening, sing-alongs, dancing, and perhaps for staging an evolutionary revival at your own church or other institution.

    "Every single one of these songs makes me want to get up and sway and dance. This is praise worship music for evolutionary spirituality and religious liberals. The Cosmic All Stars rocked at the evolutionary revival — and their blues song (Cosmic Blues) is both funny and real. Truly awesome music!" — Connie Barlow

  • "SYMPHONY OF SCIENCE" Music Videos and Songs

    Musician and top-rated video-artist John Boswell has created a whole new genre of music and a whole new way to bring the Epic of Evolution to the public — and especially to young people. He calls his work "Science Symphony," and in the first month of posting his work on YouTube (September 2009) it attained the honor of "Top-Rated Music Video of All Time." You can access both music videos (and download free mp3s) via Boswell's website: Symphony of Science. Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd posted a half-hour podcast on Symphony of Science on 22 October 2009, available for free listening or RSS feed for the whole series of podcasts.

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  • "IN THE BEGINNING" (chant) by Connie Barlow

  • 3-minute VIDEO of song with lyrics and sound for sing-along use.

    Written and sung by Connie Barlow at the world's first "Evolutionary Revival", held at First Unitarian Church of San Diego, 15 February 2008. Connie wrote this chant as a way to teach the science of how the atoms in our bodies were created inside of ancestor stars. This was used just before the "Startull: The Story of An Average Yellow Star" parable at the evolutionary revival.

  • "THANK GOD FOR EVOLUTION" by John Slade (Ohai CA) download audio

  • "WE ARE MADE OF STARDUST" (chant) by Connie Barlow
       Themes: ancestor stars; atoms in our bodies forged from stars; also for use in the Stardust Ritual. download audio

  • "GHOSTS OF EVOLUTION" by Connie Barlow download audio
       playful song based on Connie's 2001 book, The Ghosts of Evolution, which helps us see through "deep-time eyes" into the coevolutionary legacy of beasts of prehistory. VIDEO of 5 minute song in performance.

  • "WE ARE ALL COUSINS SONG" by Connie Barlow
       Theme: 25 verses to celebrate all life forms, in order of relatedness to us download audio of 4 verses

  • "WELCOME TO THE RIVER OF LIFE" (chant) by Connie Barlow
        For use to transit from station-to-station in "The River of Life Ritual". download audio

  • "ALL ARE HERE FOR YOU" chant (audio) by Connie Barlow
        Celebrates in repetitive chant the four parts of our evolved brain: Lizard Legacy (reptilian brain), Furry Li'l Mammal (paleo-mammalian brain), Monkey Mind (neo-mammalian brain), and Higher Porpoise (the higher purpose manifest via our prefrontal cortex). download audio

  • "LIZARD LEGACY" simple kids song (audio) by Connie Barlow
        One short verse for each part of our Quadrune Brain: Lizard Legacy (reptilian brain), Furry Li'l Mammal (paleo-mammalian brain), Monkey Mind (neo-mammalian brain), and Higher Porpoise (the higher purpose manifest via our prefrontal cortex). download audio

  • "MENAGERIE OF THE MIND" (chant) by Connie Barlow
        Solemnly celebrates the four parts of our evolved "Quadrune Brain": Lizard Legacy (reptilian brain), Furry Li'l Mammal (paleo-mammalian brain), Monkey Mind (neo-mammalian brain), and Higher Porpoise (the higher purpose manifest via our prefrontal cortex). download audio

  • "TREE TALKS ABOUT DEATH" by Connie Barlow download audio
       Theme: death as a natural and creative aspect of the Universe for use with the children's story with same title downloadable in PDF

  • "I LOVE TO TELL THE STORY (The Universe Story)" by Evelyn Tyner
       Theme: cosmic and life evolution   Full songsheet in PDF

       Themes: our atoms from stardust; birthday stars (light years away)
       Also for use in the Birthday/Anniversary Stars Celebration.
    download audio

       Theme: our atoms come from stardust download audio


  • "SILENT NIGHT" by Connie Barlow

       Theme: our atoms created by ancestral stars

       (for Christmas & Winter Solstice)

        download audio of first verse.


  • "DEATH HAS LIFTED US" by Connie Barlow
       Theme: Death as natural & generative in cosmic, earth, and biological sciences download audio

       Themes: Death as natural & generative in heaven and Earth
       Full songsheet in PDF download audio

       2 new verses to the traditional song

  • "THIS IS YOUR STORY" (audio) by Connie Barlow

  • "WE GATHER TOGETHER" (for Grace at meals) words by Philemon Sturges
       Theme: "sing praises to the life that becomes now our own" download audio

  • "HUMANS WROTE THE BIBLE; GOD WROTE THE ROCKS" by Cat Faber, of the acoustic duo, Echo's Children.

  • "BLUE BOAT HOME" by Peter Mayer
       exquisite, easy-to-sing celebration of Planet Earth gliding through the galaxy

  • "AMAZING PLACE" by Pete Tolleson
       powerful adaptation of the hymn "Amazing Grace," written by Tolleson in honor of "first seeing Earth from space"

  • "SEAWEED RAP" by Connie Barlow
       puts to music the storyline and characters of the evolutionary parable, "The Lucky Little Seaweed."

  • "SNORTLEFISH RAP" by Connie Barlow
       puts to music the storyline and characters of the evolutionary parable, "Ozzie and the Snortlefish."

    from Pauline's CD, Deep Fun

  • Kathy Sherman is a celebrated singer/songwriter of the Universe Story movement, in the Sisters of St. Joseph community, LaGrange Illinois. Online you can learn about/purchase her newest CD of original songs: "Song of the Universe". Visit the parent website for more music and arts on the Universe Story:

  • Greg Tamblyn is a wonderful, science-hip folksinger. Hear the Universe Story in two songs ("All These Atoms" and "When Carl Sagan Died") downloadable in mp-3 from his website:


  • LEFT: 10-minute "Evolution Revival Meeting" video, graphically mixed by Connie Barlow

  • RIGHT: humorous evolution song performed by singer-songwriter Pauline Le Bel

  • "FIREBALL" by Earth Mama.

  • "GENTLE ARMS OF EDEN" by Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer.

  • "THE UNIVERSE SONG" from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life movie. (Lyrics only).

  • "DANCE for SPIRIT OF LIFE", which is Hymn #123 in the Unitarian Universalist hymnal. This short song was set to dance by Penny Wollan Kriel. You can access a VIDEO of the dance movement.

    Note: for songs written by Connie Barlow or Evelyn Pease Tyner, permission is automatically granted for any and all uses respectful of the underlying sciences and the sense of the sacred in the natural world.


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