The Story of an Average Yellow Star

A Great Story Parable for Kids

by Connie Barlow

    SYNOPSIS: The Story of an Average Yellow Star, and how it came to feel good about itself.

LEFT: Solar spectrum: dark lines indicate specific chemical elements in the Sun that absorb those wavelengths of light.

RIGHT: volunteers act out the Startull Parable at the world's first "evolutionary revival" in San Diego, February 2008


SCIENCE BACKGROUND: In the 1930s scientists learned that what lighted the sun was its vast stores of hydrogen being "squeezed" into helium inside its core. Then, in 1957, scientists discovered the sequence by which stars older than our sun (red giants) squeeze the helium into carbon, and how stars at least 8 times bigger than our sun (blue stars) squeeze carbon and helium into all the other chemical elements in the universe. Accordingly, we also learned that only through the death of these stars, and the recycling of atoms they created back into the galaxy, would later generations of stars (such as our sun) be sufficiently enriched in heavier elements to be encompassed by a solar disk that congealed into some rocky planets, and thus eligible for life,

VALUES EDUCATION: This parable is written in a way to promote:

a. Accepting self and others.
b. Balancing humility and pride.
c. Trust in the ways of the universe.
d. Understanding that death is inevitable for self and loved ones, and that death plays a positive role in the ways of the universe.
e. Learning that each one of us can contribute to the well being of all. (Maria Montessori called this a person's "cosmic task."

  • Click for a SCRIPT that ELEMENTARY and MIDDLE-SCHOOL KIDS (who can read) can act out with no advance preparation!. There are roles for 4 actors: Narrator, Startull, Elder Yellow Star, and Big Blue Star. This parable also works great with ADULT groups.

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