Enthusiasm for
Our Great Story Traveling Ministry

"What a magnificent proposal. I'm impressed. Yes, I think your bold plan is right. It is time for your message to take to the road. There is always a place for you to crash in Tucson and in Sonoita at the Doll's House. More later, this just to let you know that I'm delighted for you and your incredible mission." —Prof. Paul Martin, emeritus, University of Arizona, Tucson AZ

"What a wonderful adventure! Sort of an On the Road, except not with Charles Kuralt or Jack Kerouac. Classically American, but with a focus on the new story. A streaming video online reporting your Great Story adventures would be great...we could post it to the ELW website with updates from Connie and Michael...ha—just new story dreaming!" —Lauren deBoer, editor of EarthLight, San Francisco CA

"Blessings on your work. When you have an itinerary let me know and I will help network it." —John Seed, Australia, deep ecologist and rainforest activist

"My blood quickens as I read this. I am like a hunting dog, sniffing something exciting in the fall air, a Canada goose with mysterious urgings to fly and fly. This document (read quickly but with open heart) is thrilling. It is a yes. Right. Good. Delightful. You have my total blessings and don't be surprised if I pack up the UV and join you for a stint. In all your teaching, though, don't miss lazy days by the rivers and long walks in the woods and sleeping outside and surprise beaches that call you to sit for days just staring at the waves. The road isn't the road without it." —Vicki Robin, author and financial independence/ voluntary simplicity/conversation cafe leader, Seattle WA

"Michael: We loved having you and Connie stay at our house. Your presence provided our family with an infusion of new thought and excitement. You two are like traveling prophets leaving petals of wisdom and blessings in your path. I'm so glad we had the opportunity to be in your path." — Mary Ellen Failey (Columbus, Ohio)

"Whew! Wow! What a dynamic duo you are! Such an amazing array of your creativity and intentions in one document. I'm blown away. And you really do plan ahead. By the time you start your journey you will probably have so many gigs you'll hardly get out of town! It may be years before you make it to California, though I hope not—and of course you'll be most welcome here. All my best wishes and love," —Elisabet Sahtouris, author, evolutionary biologist, San Francisco CA

"Wow! What a pilgrimage, what an act of trust. I shared your plan with Jim Lorman (my colleague for team teaching our honors course "The Universe Story" next fall). We are both hoping you will put Madison on your itinerary, not just for our students but perhaps to design some other events in the area. There are lots of possible venues here." —Prof. Paula Hirschboeck, Madison WI

"I sure do hope for a visit here in the Twin Cities. Wow, with that impressive program we could employ you for a week or two in churches et al. I will try for an invitation for Michael as guest preacher in a large protestant church or two. I am excited about promoting your presentations to as many groups, classes, platforms as possible, since they are so relevant to what I think is timely and important. I'll start working on funding. Do you have a reasonable amount per presentation to suggest? How about starting in September up here near the source of the Mississippi River, and scheduling down the Mississippi Valley during the fall of 2002 to the New Orleans area, and across the south in the winter? The materials you sent are excellent and should generate interest and events." —Jack Phillips, Minneapolis MN

"Sounds like you're headed for some Great Fun! When you wend your way to the southern Rockies, I'd be happy to offer a space to stay (depending on current occupancy; but we do have a range of options) and put together some events, perhaps in consort with Chris Wells, John and Cindy McLeod, David Abram and Grietje (headed back down here, rumor has it), Zuleika, or other of the All Species gang." —Jim Cummings, Sante Fe NM

"I love it and bless you both. Charge, full speed ahead, yes, go for it, wow, etc. etc. I suppose you will one day wear out traveling all the time but what you will accomplish and experience will be several lifetimes worth. I want to invite you to consider our home your home here in St. Louis any time you wish to be here. I know our New Awakenings Community will want to sponsor a Barlow/Dowd seminar here." —Jim Brauner, St. Louis MO

"Congratulations on moving into this next phase of your life together. I have felt led to pass this on to about 25 people here in the Ashland area, and several in the San Francisco Bay area with the hopes of bringing you to this area when it may fit in your itinerary. Please plan to come this direction. There is a powerful community here in Ashland that is open and supportive of this type of work. We welcome you to come and share. We celebrate your journey." —Constance Dean, Ashland OR

"So, we'll get to see, and maybe even host, you in October! Thanks for getting on the schedule early. And thanks for sending me all the promotional materials. I've watched the video and listened to most of the audio tape." —John Brewer, Lawrence KS

"Your plans to travel across the country sound quite doable and helpful to those of us who long for connection. Please consider a stop in Billings, Montana. There are four of us here who meet almost weekly to study the new story." —Kathy Masis, Billings MT

"It looks like you two are taking another wild step into your Great Work. Congratulations. Your further risk and deepening commitment continue to model Another Way for us all." —Mark Steiner, EarthSpirit Rising Conference organizer, Louisville KY

"Wow, Connie and Michael — gutsy, innovative, needed, nice blend of science and theology and the contemplative and the active, exciting, scary, all sorts of emotions and images are swirling around in my mind and heart about your proposal. Selfishly, I hope that you can meander down into southwestern Florida during your voyage — would love to have you both here for a while, sipping mint juleps and watching all the 'gators from shady oak groves hanging with Spanish moss. Will you post an electronic journal so that we can travel with you?" —Bruce Rinker, Selby Botanical Garden, Sarasota FL

" I think what you are doing is absolutely fabulous. I loved all of it. I will be sending you $20.00 for the two video tapes you mention at the end. What a thrill to have met the two of you. Yes, follow your bliss as Joseph Campbell always said and doors will open." —Eleanore Milardo, Middletown CN

"Wow! What a rich, fantastic list of gifts you as a team have to offer the world! Maybe you can include Montreal on your tour even though we're outside of the USA! I was thinking you might want to consider actually structuring your itinerary primarily around sacred sites. This would give a shape to your traveling and give you an excuse for local education, which then could lead to deeper, Universe matters. In other words, a sacred site reason for your visit could serve as an opening wedge in many places and also catch media interest. Just a thought. I am very excited about your plans!" —Prof. Patricia Gordon, Montreal, Quebec

"I think this vision and program is absolutely wonderful!! I have only two things to say: Number one...I'm totally green with envy. I'd love to do this kind of thing myself although the two of you would be much better at it than me. Number two...Don't forget like most Americans that Canada is also part of North America. We also want you to come here." —Stan Gibson, Toronto, Ontario

"As you make your plans, keep in mind that there is a group of us here who can organize things. I already have a few ideas. Sister Pat is always looking for inspirational speakers. She has a large mailing list. How is the web site project coming along? I think it is a vital tool for promoting your project and linking up kindred souls." —Karen Holmgren, Oceanside, CA

"This is all wonderful. If Thoreau and Johnny Appleseed and Woody Guthrie were alive they'd be smiling. If there's anything we can do to help, let us know." —Denny O'Neil, author of Batman Comics for two decades

"Two questions: 1. How do you intend to promote this and get the word out? 2. How can I help?" —Doug Germann, host of Footprints in the Wind website

"I want to wish you well on this new mission! And be sure to let us know when you are in Seattle." —Jim Clark, Seattle WA

"Wow! You two newlyweds are on the right track! Hugs and kisses to you both until we meet in Denver!" —John Fowler, Denver CO

"Wow, what a fabulous journey you are embarking on! Congratulations. If you make it to Santa Cruz, California I would love the chance to meet you and chat about the Great Work over a cup of coffee. Larry and Jean Edwards live in Santa Cruz also. I have not yet met them, but perhaps we can all congregate. Perhaps even San Francisco or Oakland, workplaces of Brian Swimme and Matthew Fox?" —Mary Dalton, Santa Cruz CA

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