"Thank God for Evolution!"
with Michael Dowd

Published in 2008, this is the companion DVD to Michael Dowd's book, Thank God for Evolution!

DISK 1 covers the core concepts of the book, including public v. private revelation, day v. night language, nested emergence, the sacred direction of evolution, awakening to our role in the cosmos, God and reality, evolutionary integrity, and more.

DISK 2 is geared for religiously moderate and conservative audiences; here Dowd bridges scientific concepts to core Christian doctrines. Both programs were filmed in audience settings and are richly supplemented with illustrations.

Note: Dowd's book has been endorsed by 6 Nobel laureates.

This dvd is designed for individual viewing or to be used in group discussion. You can download here FREE STUDY GUIDES designed for use by SECULAR (and liberal religious) groups or CHRISTIAN groups. Both LONG (12 to 15 sessions) and SHORT (4 to 5 sessions) versions of the study guides are available for free download.

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  • HIGH-RES PDF of the jacket cover.

  • the companion website of the book, including Dowd's blog, archive of press reports, audio and video samples of his presentations

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