Number 8
May 2004 - April 2006


Our Third and Fourth Years on the Road

Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Virginia, Maryland, Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota, Connecticut, Kentucky


Connie Barlow    and    Michael Dowd

Rev. MICHAEL DOWD and CONNIE BARLOW presented talks, sermons, & children's programs at:


  • 126 Unitarian Universalist Churches and Fellowships - (224 total programs)
           4 Unitarian Universalist multi-day camps or minister retreats

  • 27 Unity / New Thought / Religious Science Churches - (47 total programs)
          3 New Thought Conferences

  • 29 Christian Churches and Monasteries - (38 total programs)

  • 3 Quaker Congregations

  • 1 Buddhist Dharma Group

  • 5 Other faiths

  • 7 Interfaith Conferences - (keynote addresses)

  • 6 Local groups of Institute of Noetic Sciences

  • 16 General Public events

  • 6 Colleges

  • 3 Nature Centers

  • 6 Nonreligious Conferences - (keynote addresses)

  • 6 Private Schools (mostly Montessori)

  • 1 Homeschool Community Group

  • 1 Online educational course

  • 6 Radio programs

  • Other Accomplishments

    We filmed and produced 4 DVDs of our live presentations:


       We initiated and helped organize 4 evolutionary salons  

       We created easy one-click access to all materials on this website suitable for KIDS CURRICULA  

       We initiated 2 NEW WEBSITES:
       Torreya Guardians and
      Evolutionary Christianity.

    Meanwhile, our The Great Story website has been attracting upwards of a quarter million hits per month.


       We worked with others to create a
    WIKIPEDIA entry on "The Great Story"

       We aggregated our observations of some 200 Sunday services at Unitarian Universalist churches to create an ongoing web post of
    UU Best Practices

       Connie developed a new long program:
    (also titled, "Death in the Heavens for Life on Earth")

       Michael developed a richly illustrated powerpoint program:
    which presents a dozen ways in which people deeply resonate with a sacred telling of the 14 billion year Great Story

       Perhaps the best way to sample the poignancy and power of people's transformations when offered a meaningful narrative of our evolutionary universe is through this compendium of STORIES OF AWAKENING gleaned from Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd's 4 years of "evolutionary evangelism."  

       We added a WHAT'S NEW?
    page to this website, to help frequent visitors navigate the hundreds of pages on our website (which is now receiving a quarter million hits per month).
    Use it to browse entries on our newest writings, new experiential processes, a new evolutionary parable, and more!

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    To invite us to present in your community, contact:


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